Friday, December 30, 2016

The Stroke, And The Physical Effect's It Takes On The Human Body..

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Hello my faithful readers, I've been MIA for a few months.. and your probably wondering why, well let me explain.  As of September, 2 of 2016, I went through a life change, I experienced a stroke, and boy, it's been hard. I was walking and talking to my 23-year- old daughter, and three weeks later, there I was laying in the hospital. No knowledge of how I got there.. or how long I had been there. I was confused in, a state of depression, because keep in mind that I had not been aware of what was going on with me..
I thought to myself, when the nurse came into my room, I was going to ask her to use the restroom. The curtain slide open and out came the craziest question, I tried to ask to use the restroom, and there it was.. blah, ba, blah.. No words had came out, I started to move around, and my right side was limb. What the hell was going on with my body, I had to get the answers.. I mean, I needed to know.

The nurse must've read my mind, because it was then, that she explained to me that I had a stroke. She then had showed me the catheter bag and begin to instruct me that I had a long way to go. I was shocked, being that my own mother had a massive stroke, and died over 14 years ago. I knew at the time, I wouldn't allow this to determine my life! I had not come this far to give up, my kids needed me, I needed me. Three weeks in a coma, and three days I had been awake, no one and NOTHING was ever going to break me down!

The fourth day, I began to try and use the restroom. So I instructed the nurse to take off the catheter, with a bit of hesitance.. at first, her reaction was no.. but she could see I was determined to get out of bed and out of the hospital.. So she was on board with me taking a try, ( Of course, it didn't work for the first, second, third, or the fourth time) but when I went to use it for the fifth time, I had my conquered my fear, I had went to the restroom without using a wheelchair. Of course not knowing the after effects of a stroke, I was transferred out to a rehab.

And boy, that was a trip.. After three days of that shit.. I was through with rehab! Again, there I was telling the nurses at the rehab that I was ready to go, believing that I could get better on my own. So there I was.. going home.. little did I know.. that I would be in rehab either way.. in a outpatient or inpatient.. ohh boy..
The doctors sent the nurses to me, the nurses were not doing what I thought should be done, so two months later, I started an outpatient rehab at NCEP.

I guess, I fully understood that I could not do this alone, to get better I needed help to get stronger as well as getting the knowledge of a stroke,
So here I am.. writing my first blog in three months, with one hand, although now... I could move my right hand, but I can not use it quite yet, Is it going to be difficult? Why of course it is.. but, nothing comes easy.. right?

Here are some of the symptoms of a person who is having a stroke:
1. Trouble speaking and understanding.
2. Paralysis of the face, arm, and legs.
3. Trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
4. Headache.
5. Trouble with walking.
Seek immediate attention if you or someone you know has any of these symptoms. I was fortunate, my daughter was there and called the E.R. and was told to call the ambulance, had she waited.. I wouldn't be here to let you know how important it is.

This photo of me was taken 10 weeks after my stroke.. Someone was looking out for me, I came out with only having to work on my right arm, right hand, and for right now.. I can only smile on one side of my face, and speech therapy is needed.. But, at least I'm not dead.

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