Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When The Hoe In Him/Her Won't Allow Them To Keep Their Di*k Or Pu**y In Their Pant's.. Don't Get Mad.. Get Even!!

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We all know the type, " The one who want's their cake and eat it too" the person that has to be involved with more then one individual to be satisfied.. The person who has someone at home and goes out every goddamn weekend, looking for something or should I say someone else to fill their plate up.. (if you know what I mean.)
Are you that person who's sitting at home all alone, crying into your pillow, asking yourself why it is your partner feel's the need to hang out with their "so called friends" or why it is they leave their cell phone on airplane mode or vibrate whenever their just lounging around the house.. Well.. I can sum his/her ass up in one word for you
"Cheater!!" and it's very ovi , that whatever they have going on within their phone.. Is something that he/she absolutely does not want you to see or know about.
So what do you do? Do you continue to play the victim? Continue to cry your eyes out? Or just simply bust him/her over the head with a frying pan, or throw a hot pot of boiling water om his/her ass!! Either way,

whatever option you choose, always remember to play it cool, never let him/her see you sweat!!
Approach the situation as if it doesn't bother you.. At all!! Both men and women alike seem to feel that you love them dearly if you begin to rant and rave or even show the slightest bit of emotion. What I've learned in dealing with relationships, especially being that crazy, deranged chic I know for sure that I can be.
Is simply.. Go on living your life..
Keep what you know to yourself, (That is.. Until the right moment present's itself) allow him/her to hang themselves with his/her own rope! Asking a cheating man/woman "are they having an affair" would be insane.. The only response that one can even remotely expect is a very swift "no" and of course you'll know it's a lie, because if you've done your research, going through the phone's, following him/her once they have gotten off of work, you know... all the usual detective work, and please don't allow anyone to call your antic's crazy, because they are not.. "If it look's like a duck and quack's like a duck, then guess what?? It's a muthafu**ing duck "quack..quack!!"

You may be wondering just what it is that you should be doing from that moment you find out that his/her lying, no good behind, has been dipping his/her shit in some one else's sauce, Well, my advice to you would be not to go packing your suit case, nope. Not just yet, especially if there are year's invested in the relationship, And playing "tic for tat  isn't always the way to go either" that only adds fuel to an already burning house!!
Oh honey.. There are so many other way's to skin this cheating dog!! Hit him/her where it counts and where it hurts the most! That's where knowing your partner comes in hand.. If he/she is a person that is motivated by food, then you simply starve his/her hungry ass! If he/she is a person that's motivated by money, then dig deep off into his/her  pocket's, his/her bank account, bust the windows out of his/her truck or car, run his/her motorcycle off a cliff.. You know.. All the crazy shit that comes with being hurt by someone you have given your heart to! And don't play second fiddle, meaning "don't be a fool, if you know that you have been cheated on, then why on earth would you in turn.. Turn around and lay down with this dog and catch fleas? There's no telling where you'll begin to itch!!"

In closing, play it cool,  if this person values their relationship with you, then your next move will be your best move, however if this person is only out for self and has only their needs in mind, then this man or woman will get as far away from you as they possibly can with rockets from their ass!! And if that is this case.. "good ridden's" that person wasn't the one for you to begin with!!
Remember a man/woman that respect's and values you and your relationship, is a woman/man that truly loves you.. Real love, doesn't hurt and you shouldn't have to beg for anyone to be loyal, for anyone's honesty for anyone's commitment, for anyone's respect, gratitude any of that, it comes automatic, and if you are getting anything less then that, then YOU are selling YOURSELF short!!
know your worth, realize that a muthaphucka need's to be runnin' you the toilet paper because YOU ARE THE SHIT baby!!

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