Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ya Last Bed Time Story, Goodnight!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

He pulled in slow, dressed all in black.. his mind frame on death, ready to attack, don't plead now, can't take that night back!! The music played loud as he sat in his truck, contemplating on how he was gone phuck this cat up!!
He thought he had left that life behind, he thought he was finished with the life of crime.. he prayed, he begged and even fell to his knee's, begging the lord to save him.. he was his worst enemy..
He thought back to the night that started it all.. the night he received that one phone call!
Word's were said, and there was that exchange, he wanted this cat. to remember his name!

He wasn't going to give him an easy way out, he wanted him to suffer, that wasn't a doubt.. How could he? Why would he? he thought they'd  been cool, but behind his back, he had been played for a fool!!
His homey , his friend, his once partna in crime, a cat he sat in a cell with once upon a time..

He thought about the licks, the chic's, and how their friendship and business was just a good mix.. The money was stackin' up from all the hits.. Then one night, things began to fall, he just couldn't see past the writing on the wall, or he never imagined his so called friend, in one instance would ruin it all!!

Amus put that needle in his vein, his head started to nod, the voices in his head was driving him insane.. he needed another fix, just to get him through the night..
'I'll shoot this shit up.. and imma be alright" but the dope had him gone, he couldn't call home.. had no where to turn.. because of the dope, all his bridges he burned..

He knew his friend was at the top of his grind, the same friend he had once sat in a jail cell with and talked of money and crime.. He thought of all the quick cash he could get, the only down fall was he would have to hit a lick.. The kind of lick, that would take one by surprise, the kind that would bring tears to a best friends eyes.. the kind of lick that had to be followed with bullshit and lies..

He knew Todd was crazy, half baked.. insane, he also knew that by robbing him.. he'd be playing a dangerous game.. but the dope had his mind all twisted in knots.. not thinking clearly, with his rumbled ass thoughts..
He picked up the phone and dialed Todd's number one digit at a time, with visions of shootin' up and blowin' dope, weighing heavy on his mind..
Todd answered eagerly, he thought it was a knock.. " Yea..yea.. What's up Todd, this Amus, can you meet me up the block?"

Todd reached his destination with his package by his side, instantly remembering, his left his burner in his other ride.. He cursed at the wind as he realized his mistake, not yet realizing the severity of his fate..  As he rolled the window down to make the exchange.. Two men had rushed him, he took two to the brain.. The blood began to leak.. Todd was thinking deep.. His so-called friend.. wanted him to go on a permanent sleep!

He'd been set up, for a package and 6 grand, before fading to black, he vowed to kill that man, if he ever came back from this ruthless attack!!
Amus assumed that Todd was dead.. money now gone, dope all in his head, 6 months later he's laying in bed.. gotta dope-fiend broad giving him head..

He's caught up in the motion of this bitch suckin' his dick.. When all of a sudden he hear's a click.. then a clak, the sound a pistol would make.. he now know's it's time to seal his fate.. The light comes on... he's shocked, he's nervous, he's scared at best.. That's when Todd put two hot ones deep off in his chest "Mumbling.. yea Amus, sleep easy, sleep tight.. let go, don't fight.. here's ya last bed time story.. nigga goodnight!"
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