Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sport's Talk: Will "New York Knicks" Forward, Carmelo Anthony, Be Traded, Or Is It All, Just A Bunch Of Talk?!

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                                    SPORT'S TALK: Carmelo Anthony

At 32-years-old, Anthony's new coach seems to feel as if Melo, is still in his prime " He's going to help this team, but we can't put it all on him, the other guy's have to to step up, and if he's having a tough night, the other guy's are able to fill in,"  Jeff Hornacek stated to SportsNet New York.

Currently, Carmelo is one of the NBA's superstars, and is also the cornerstone of the New York Knicks franchise, which the organization may consider trading in the near future. In a article that had outlined, potential trade partners for Phoenix Suns forward Markieff Morris and Zach Lowe of Grantland revealed, on Sept. 10th, the Knicks were not ready to participate in talks of trade of Anthony. In any case, CBS Sport's Ken Berger, reported that there was absolutely no truth to it at all.

Melo, has a " no trade clause" and would have to agree to as well as dictate the terms and team. A person with direct knowledge with the Knicks front-office discussions, told CBS Sports, that neither Mills nor Jackson have had any discussions in regards to the trade of Anthony. 

Melo's " no trade clause" is one of many reasons, that would make trading the $124 million dollar man one huge problem.. 
It has also been stated that Anthony is in the process of recruiting Kevin Durant, to sign with the Knicks, next season. " I know for a fact that Anthony Carmelo, has been and will continue to recruit Durant until the cow comes home," stated Dan Feldman of " Pro Basketball Talk. "I'm also hearing that Kevin is giving the New York Knicks some consideration," Feldman continued on to say.

How the Knicks will come at Anthony, all depends on this upcoming off-season, and will speak volumes about the team's future, however, if the Knicks do decide to move on from Carmelo, it will signal rebuilding a team surrounded by younger players, such as 20-year-old Kristaps Porzingis. But, if Anthony stays.. It would surprise everyone if New York, did not attempt to rebuild through free agency by snatching up veteran players like Durant. 
Until then, let's not believe the hype, and keep our finger's crossed, because by the way things are looking, Melo, may be in this for the long haul.. I know his fans as well as close friend's seem to think so.. Even good friend, the "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye, is betting that Melo, will continue to serve the Knicks and them hoops the heat!!

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