Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You Got What You Wanted From The Deal.."Your Pu**y To Get Wet!!"

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Nicca's will always try and cupcake, make you his wifey? Nope.. you gave up the pu**sy... Bish.. it's too late!! No kickin' it, no conversation.. he already seen you was tryin' to eat off his plate!! No need to wait for that phone call.. nope he won't do it.. won't be no more dates.. like when it's cold outside ..he's givin' you them shakes!!

And you wanda why in the business you didn't last.. you were too busy suckin' di*k and givin' up azz, take you home to his mama?? Would be the last.. thing he wants to do.. even she know's they've ran all up in you!
Sit down fa ah second.. letta real chic school you!!

"Act like a woman, think like a man" Girl you takin' advice from the wrong gotdamn man, Steve Harvey is married with his third wife at home, thinking like that.. you'll be alone!!

The definition of a woman is all about taste and class.. not at all about showin' off ya azz, on social media sites, tryin' to be seen, he'll fu*k you not wife you, you know what I mean??

Don't be so quick to spread your legs, thinkin' that it'll get you ahead.. yea.. a head in your mouth.. maybe one or two, then after that.. they'll sex all on you, but in this game.. it'll be you who lose!

A man want's a Woman with class and all, he want's to know that she'll be able to compete in this dog race and come out standing tall with her dignity in tack, without coming out her draws!!

Don't be a easy chic, where anything goes.. yea, you'll make a name for yourself and it's called a "hoe" think about it, ponder hard on that name.. is your dignity and self worth.. worth the money and fame??

If so.. then my bad, this blog ain't for you.. keep being a T.H.O.T and not his dream, and let em all do what they do.. But don't complain in the end, when you don't get what you expect.. you got what you wanted from the deal, ( your pu**y to get wet!!)

Sport's Talk: Will "New York Knicks" Forward, Carmelo Anthony, Be Traded, Or Is It All, Just A Bunch Of Talk?!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

                                    SPORT'S TALK: Carmelo Anthony

At 32-years-old, Anthony's new coach seems to feel as if Melo, is still in his prime " He's going to help this team, but we can't put it all on him, the other guy's have to to step up, and if he's having a tough night, the other guy's are able to fill in,"  Jeff Hornacek stated to SportsNet New York.

Currently, Carmelo is one of the NBA's superstars, and is also the cornerstone of the New York Knicks franchise, which the organization may consider trading in the near future. In a article that had outlined, potential trade partners for Phoenix Suns forward Markieff Morris and Zach Lowe of Grantland revealed, on Sept. 10th, the Knicks were not ready to participate in talks of trade of Anthony. In any case, CBS Sport's Ken Berger, reported that there was absolutely no truth to it at all.

Melo, has a " no trade clause" and would have to agree to as well as dictate the terms and team. A person with direct knowledge with the Knicks front-office discussions, told CBS Sports, that neither Mills nor Jackson have had any discussions in regards to the trade of Anthony. 

Melo's " no trade clause" is one of many reasons, that would make trading the $124 million dollar man one huge problem.. 
It has also been stated that Anthony is in the process of recruiting Kevin Durant, to sign with the Knicks, next season. " I know for a fact that Anthony Carmelo, has been and will continue to recruit Durant until the cow comes home," stated Dan Feldman of " Pro Basketball Talk. "I'm also hearing that Kevin is giving the New York Knicks some consideration," Feldman continued on to say.

How the Knicks will come at Anthony, all depends on this upcoming off-season, and will speak volumes about the team's future, however, if the Knicks do decide to move on from Carmelo, it will signal rebuilding a team surrounded by younger players, such as 20-year-old Kristaps Porzingis. But, if Anthony stays.. It would surprise everyone if New York, did not attempt to rebuild through free agency by snatching up veteran players like Durant. 
Until then, let's not believe the hype, and keep our finger's crossed, because by the way things are looking, Melo, may be in this for the long haul.. I know his fans as well as close friend's seem to think so.. Even good friend, the "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye, is betting that Melo, will continue to serve the Knicks and them hoops the heat!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hip Hop Chef Tye, Recieves Yet Another Award, This Time, From The Women Of Hip Hop!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

 Look's like the "Original Hip Hop Chef" has won yet another award, this time from the Women of hip hop "WOHH" for being the official Chef for the WOHH 3-day weekend..
Not only had he won  the award, but the "WOHH" also had many great thing's to say about him and his character!!
Chef Tye, has come a very long way, from over-coming the struggles of the street's to several frauds claiming to be him and TRYING to claim his name..
Sources that are close to this humble Chef, know;s that there is only one Hip Hop Chef, and he could never be duplicated.
His outstanding work speaks volumes to many across the globe, Whether he's rubbing elbows with the elite, or making star studded appearances at the B.E.T. Award's or simply cooking up a delicious meal for T.I. or any other one of your favorite artist for that matter, he remain's a humble and unique man, always willing to lend his support or help a fellow human in need. Keep, your ear's and eye's peeled open, because Tye.. is sure to be cooking something up, in a kitchen near you.

To find out more about the "Original Hip Hop Chef Tye"
Please visit:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ya Last Bed Time Story, Goodnight!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

He pulled in slow, dressed all in black.. his mind frame on death, ready to attack, don't plead now, can't take that night back!! The music played loud as he sat in his truck, contemplating on how he was gone phuck this cat up!!
He thought he had left that life behind, he thought he was finished with the life of crime.. he prayed, he begged and even fell to his knee's, begging the lord to save him.. he was his worst enemy..
He thought back to the night that started it all.. the night he received that one phone call!
Word's were said, and there was that exchange, he wanted this cat. to remember his name!

He wasn't going to give him an easy way out, he wanted him to suffer, that wasn't a doubt.. How could he? Why would he? he thought they'd  been cool, but behind his back, he had been played for a fool!!
His homey , his friend, his once partna in crime, a cat he sat in a cell with once upon a time..

He thought about the licks, the chic's, and how their friendship and business was just a good mix.. The money was stackin' up from all the hits.. Then one night, things began to fall, he just couldn't see past the writing on the wall, or he never imagined his so called friend, in one instance would ruin it all!!

Amus put that needle in his vein, his head started to nod, the voices in his head was driving him insane.. he needed another fix, just to get him through the night..
'I'll shoot this shit up.. and imma be alright" but the dope had him gone, he couldn't call home.. had no where to turn.. because of the dope, all his bridges he burned..

He knew his friend was at the top of his grind, the same friend he had once sat in a jail cell with and talked of money and crime.. He thought of all the quick cash he could get, the only down fall was he would have to hit a lick.. The kind of lick, that would take one by surprise, the kind that would bring tears to a best friends eyes.. the kind of lick that had to be followed with bullshit and lies..

He knew Todd was crazy, half baked.. insane, he also knew that by robbing him.. he'd be playing a dangerous game.. but the dope had his mind all twisted in knots.. not thinking clearly, with his rumbled ass thoughts..
He picked up the phone and dialed Todd's number one digit at a time, with visions of shootin' up and blowin' dope, weighing heavy on his mind..
Todd answered eagerly, he thought it was a knock.. " Yea..yea.. What's up Todd, this Amus, can you meet me up the block?"

Todd reached his destination with his package by his side, instantly remembering, his left his burner in his other ride.. He cursed at the wind as he realized his mistake, not yet realizing the severity of his fate..  As he rolled the window down to make the exchange.. Two men had rushed him, he took two to the brain.. The blood began to leak.. Todd was thinking deep.. His so-called friend.. wanted him to go on a permanent sleep!

He'd been set up, for a package and 6 grand, before fading to black, he vowed to kill that man, if he ever came back from this ruthless attack!!
Amus assumed that Todd was dead.. money now gone, dope all in his head, 6 months later he's laying in bed.. gotta dope-fiend broad giving him head..

He's caught up in the motion of this bitch suckin' his dick.. When all of a sudden he hear's a click.. then a clak, the sound a pistol would make.. he now know's it's time to seal his fate.. The light comes on... he's shocked, he's nervous, he's scared at best.. That's when Todd put two hot ones deep off in his chest "Mumbling.. yea Amus, sleep easy, sleep tight.. let go, don't fight.. here's ya last bed time story.. nigga goodnight!"

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kim And Kanye Call It Quits?? And Former Bodyguard, Steve Stanulis Spills The Beans On Just How Made Up This Marriage Is!!!

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It appears that the Kardashian's always seem to make the news, whether it's good or bad.. and for all you fans out there that love to "Keep up with the Kardashian's" Boy do I have an earful for you.. With all that's going on in all of their lives, it's becoming more and more difficult to keep up with all their drama and wild ways.
Allegedly, Kanye and Kim's marriage is over, (as if that comes as a shock to anyone right?) and apparently they have been faking being madly in love according to In Touch Magazine and other sources.
Even the couple's bodyguard has been having a hard time being closed lipped regarding what he has witnessed between the couple, revealing to In Touch Magazine, that when he worked for them, the couple barely spent any time together at all.. also claiming that Kim K acts extremely different, in private when it's just Kanye and her, the body guard went even further, stating that " the Kanye that he encountered was a out of control monster, and finds it difficult to comprehend how Kim or any other woman could put up with him"
"It's unbelievable how disrespectful and self-absorbed this guy is, it's crazy,"

Bodyguard, Steve Stanulis said " it was no wonder why Kim wants out," Reportedly, Kim K has consulted with lawyers  and is having paper's drawn up, says an insider close to the Reality star. Apparently, Kanye has betrayed her time and time again, and has risked the Kardashian's brand, all due to his wild behavior.
He has never wanted to reside with her, on-top of the lack of attention or affection that he doesn't show her.

Steve (the bodyguard) also has told In Touch that he knew something was out of whack when the couple did not show up together in NYC for the Met Gala,  "they weren't together prior to New York, Steve also stated " I figured that out when they finally saw one another and went back to their pad, they would be catching up, spending a lot of time together." Nope. " they were mostly apart, doing their own thing. I was surprised at how little time they had spent with one another. ( Reps for the couple are denying, that the couple is breaking up.)

The bodyguard had much to say and may very well have felt compelled to put all of their business on display for the world to see, because he went on to say " And when they were together? I didn't witness them being lovey-dovey or doing anything of that nature, and Kim was very different around him. For lack of a better example, have you ever had one of your gf's be an awesome party girl, a lot of fun, but then all of a sudden she gets a guy and when you hang with them.. she's a different person? With Kanye, she puts on a act, and is more reserved."

Steve didn't see them enteracting with the children, North, 2 and Saint, 5 months old, either. After a 17-hour shift with Kanye on April 30, Steve- a former Chippendales performer who has protected names like, Leonardo DiCaprio and Alanis Morissette- spent the next day, by himself with Kim and Kanye's daughter North... her nanny and a driver as Steve watched the young toddler, during a shopping trip to Toy-R-Us in Queens, " they don't really know me, who I am," Steve stated. "but their entrusting me with their almost three-year-old for the afternoon."

It's been stated that their bodyguard Steve, saw first hand how out of control and nasty Kanye can be.
The bodyguard first worked for the West for 10 day's during Fashion Week in February, and then again for three day's prior to the Met Gala, that was.. until Kanye fired him, right before they were scheduled to depart for the event. " I've been with a lot of high end people," Steve told In Touch " but I've never worked with somebody like that in my whole life." West is known for his way out there antics and comments on social media, at work as well as in interviews, but behind the scenes, stated Steve," he's 10 times worse then what you see."

Well, it seem's to all be coming to an end for this couple and Kim is sure to take Kanye to court for full custody of North and Saint and in her mind, it just may be granted, Because Kim feel's that Mr. West may be a few fries short of a happy meal!
It's all really sad, if it does have to come down to a custody battle for the children, it's only going to hurt them in the long run, sure.. Money may be able to buy you some fake happiness, illusions for the public to eye phuck and whatever else people with money seem to buy.. However, it can not buy REAL love! Most of the world knows this to be a proven fact.. We're just waiting for Kim to figure it out.. Good luck with Kanye and your alleged divorce, hope it works out for you.. Not really.. You get what you put into it.. a whole bunch of Fake shit.. Ijs

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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