Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lil Wayne And Birdman's Feud Re-Surfaces And All Bet's Are Off!!!

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Looks like there isn't going to be no " Family Reunion" between Birdman and Lil Wayne, no time soon.. and when it comes to that agreement they made to keep the peace, back in January .. Yea, you can throw that shi*t out the window too!!
 Sources told TMZ, that within the last month, all talks about disregarding Waynes lawsuit on Birdman for a whooping $51 million are off!
 That would explain Lil Waynes " fuck Cash Money" chant, that he initiated during his concert in Denver last weekend.

If you remember, back in January, they had been trying to smooth thing's over, and Birdman even claimed that he had "Weezy's back til' death"
Well.. he must think Lil Wayne done went off and died, because how quickly Birdman forgets!!
Rumor has it that the head boss of " Cash Money" had finally agreed to release " Tha Carter V" CD but yet has still failed to do so.

Sources have stated that "Tha Carter V" is Waynes main priority and he thought Birdman was on board with that as well, however, when Weezy realized nothing had changed, that's when he pulled the plug on any settlements taking place.

That could very well be the reason why Wayne was captioned with Birdman's arch enemies, Trick Daddy and Rick Ross, with Wayne sending a big " Fuck you," out to the camera with his middle finger.

It's hardly believable that Birdman could turn his back on someone that had been so loyal to him and helped create Birdman into the legend he is today..
It just goes to show you that ain't no loyalty in this shit and every man for himself when it comes to this money grind..
No one knows the bullshit that goes on behind closed doors and we sure can't do any speculating, however, where I come from loyalty is a lifestyle not a word, and the question would have to be.. "Where the fuck is yours Birdman??"
I guess now you can " kiss' Lil Wayne and all of his entire ass goodbye!!
After how you did baby.. I hope Weezy keeps it movin' with rockets from his ass.. there's an age old saying, that goes "what goes around comes around" and "every dog has his day" you just might look around and find "karma" biting you dead in your disloyal ass!!!
Let's all hope and pray that the Kat's Birdman keeps trying to replace Weezy with, doesn't get tossed out like an UN-eaten portion of Lobster after he's done eating them alive!!
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