Monday, May 30, 2016

Joseline from " Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" is far from being "over" the drama that seems to keep up following her, wherever she goes!!

                   "Where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a                                                         gold plated, platter."

Pour on the drama, because there's going to be a lot of alligator tears coming down on the next episode of,  "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" with Joseline crying her pretty little eyes out to a lady she once referred to as "The Maid" yes, you know who I'm referring to, her new best friend Mi-Mi Faust, the once girlfriend and mother of one Stevie J's children.
I'm amazed how she can turn her emotions on and off when it comes to Stevie, one minute she loves him the next she loves him not.. I mean.. anyone who has watched her in action when it comes to Stevie..  knows that she clearly sends him mixed messages, from all the " I DON'T NEED STEVIE," and all her "SHOW ME THE CONTRACTS" 
Why wouldn't he be laying pipe to someone that isn't going to send him mixed messages.. real talk!! Isn't that how the game goes? or does that statement only pertain to those's that are not on television?? (I'm quite sure that it's a universal thing though.)
I am aware that there are many of you that are not going to like what I have to say about Joseline, but someone has to state the obvious.. she used Stevie to get where she needed to be in her endeavours, and once she got what was needed from this  yes, she is a very beautiful woman ( that is on the outside, as far as we can tell from the hour long show"  However, her guts are rotten: literally and metaphorically.. I for one, can't seem to appreciate the integrity of a women that can not be loyal to the hand that feeds them..
I'm sure we all all heard that age old saying "never bite the hand that feed's you" and at times, that's exactly how I feel she deals with her relationship with Stevie..
He may be on some creep shi*t every now and then, however every man deserves to feel as though he is appreciated and respected and there have been Lot's of times when Joseline has totally disregarded his man hood all over national television, 
And that isn't even the crazy part, which is, how she started an intimate relationship with Stevie while he and Mi-Mi were still involved, and now feel's like it's cool to bare all to the woman that had been hurt so badly by the actions of both Stevie and his wife..
If the shoe was on my foot, I can assure you that words of kindness wouldn't be coming out of my mouth, and listening to the problems between her and her husband wouldn't even be on my throw away mind... butttt.. the shoe isn't on my foot, so I'll just keep it moving right along

Yes, it's safe to say that Joseline leaves a real nasty taste in my mouth, from her raunchy ways on down to the way she talks and the ability to stir shi*t up between family as well as friends.. makes the hairs on my arms stand up.. I will say when it comes to that paper, she knows how to go for what she knows.. but a little word to the wise.. I could care less how much money a person can have or what they have done to acquire that money.. at the end of the day, it can not turn a trashy chic in to a classy one!!
I'll take
Cardi B, any day of the week then to accept the bullsh*t that Joseline has to offer to the world..
All i have to say: is.. when you have a good one in your life..hold on to it..
because there is no telling when real love will come ah knocin' again,'
Stay tuned for more featured in Las Vegas.

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