Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Has Racial Profiling Now Hit The Hip-Hop Community?? Twista Just Might Be The One To Ask!!

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Funny how Law officials couldn't find Bin Ladin, or a man that has killed and rapped over a handful of women or Jon Benet Ramsey, but they can find four black men riding in a vehicle, with some marijuana in the car, whoa!!
If your not aware of the particular situation, let me be the one to refresh your memory: TMZ broke the story stating that, Twista, two other passengers, and the driver had all been pulled over by officials in Indiana, and booked for having 1/2 ounce of weed in the car, when this all surfaced all four of the men had been arrested, because prosecutors stated "no one claimed the weed" really??
 Sources close to this case has since stated that Twista and company, came to an agreement with Porter County prosecutors, and three of the four cases will be dismissed, including ya boi Twista, it's been stated that the driver has admitted to having the weed ( that in some states is legal to have ) and will get off with probation and no jail time.....

Are you kidding me? you mean to tell me that the law has nothing better to do then to harass these men for having, what in some states is legal? and can even be grown in your own back yard if you have a license to do so.. Meanwhile you have mother's putting their newborn babies in microwaves, men dis-membering women, little white boys trying to hang 6th grade black girls on camping field trips, law officials brutally killing African American men, children being abused.. all the shi*t right? And Indiana officials deemed it necessary to pull these men over.. Why? were they speeding?, was their registration not up to date?? did they not have license or insurance? Or was this just another case of racial profiling?
We may never know that answer, however what we can almost guarantee, is if they had been any other race but black.. they wouldn't have had to go through those motion's period..
Just goes to show you, no matter what kind of levels you've touched in life.. what kind of car you drive, cloths you wear, or how much money you have in your pockets.. In the eye's of the law.. your still a ni**a who they want to see up unda the jail!!
Let's all just be happy that everyone in this case that was on the opposite side of the law, walked away UN-harmed with their freedom still in tact.. People better wake up and stop being mis-lead with all the bullshi*t!! Ijs.

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