Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Untimely Death Of Prince, Leaves His Fans And The Rest Of the World Asking, Just What Was It That Took His Life!!

Where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Prince was found dead in his Paisley Park home in Chanhassen, Minnesota home, Thursday morning, he was 57-years-old at the time of his death. Earlier reports had indicated that the famous icon Prince Rogers Nelson had been sick with the flu earlier this month and had been rushed to the hospital for "flu like symptoms"
 No cause of death has been reported at this time.. Prince sold millions of albums, with hits such as "When doves cry" and "Lets go crazy" rising to super stardom after his song "Purple Rain" that record alone, sold millions of copies and spent 24 consecutive weeks at the top of the billboard 200.

Some reports have stated: that Prince, had a lot of unreleased music, so much in fact, he could have issued one album a year, for a century after his death.. Prince turned out albums rapidly in the 90's, as his way of getting out of the contract that he signed with Warner Bros., who at the time he was having money as well as music issues with.

Did you know in accordance with his defiance to Warner Bro. he had written "Slave" on his face , clearly in reference to his contractual obligations with the company? He even changed his name to "Symbol' because Warner owned the name Prince..

Prince announced on stage last month, in New York, that he had just begun to write his memoir "The Beautiful Ones" the book was expected to be released fall of 2017 by Publishing House, Spiegel & Grau. The publishing house has yet to comment on the status of the book, however, in a statement had this to say "Prince will take readers on a unconventional yet poetic journey through his life and creative work" the statement went on to say " the book will include stories about Prince's music and the family that shaped him as well as the people, places, and ideas that fueled his creative ambition.

It's always a blow every time we lose an iconic figure in the entertainment industry, and we are always saddened by it, that is we why we need to shine the light on our artist and entertainers, all the time, not just in death. Cherie Johnson from the sit-com "Family Matters" said it best recently.

The strange part of the passing away of Prince, is that no one seems to have a definite explanation of what caused his death.. there were no obvious signs of trauma nor any signs of suicide.. So the question remains: Why did this icon pass on and what was the cause of his death?? Lets all hope and pray that his fans and the rest of the world, begin to get the answer to the question that we are all now seeking!

R.I.P. Prince, you were loved by many and will surely be missed.

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