Monday, March 14, 2016

This Is A True Story, My Story, That Somehow Must Be Told!!

where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Hurt, pain, lost, and destruction, these topics are still open for discussion.. Babies dying, wrapped up in sheet's, small children with no food to eat, human being's finding solace in the streets, using news paper's to bring them heat.
         Crying tear's made of blood, the tear's so heavy creating a river, something like a flood, people so fake finding it hard to be real.. Teenager's growing up feeling as if they were just a slip of the pill, heart's full of pain.. Doing sinful thing's that often bring them shame!
Loveless marriages, heart's don't care, searching for love, but can't find it anywhere!
Souls are lost, mind's are gone.. Trying to find comfort in what should be home, instead.. finding chaos, corruption, anger and fights.. Even when you pray, you just can't get right, falling to your knee's begging the lord to save you.. please!!
Help me, give me the strength to carry on, give me the muscle to allow me to be strong.. feeling like your cries have fell upon death ear's, wondering what's left to celebrate in this terrible world here.. Living in fear.. afraid to sleep at night..
Waking up with bruises, only to find out, you've been fighting yourself right??
Fighting the demons that attack you while your sleep, the battle is strong often at times making you weak!
Losing weight, no appetite to eat.. trying not to swallow that word we call "defeat"
Smiling faces that pretend to be your friend.. only to find out in the end.. that you've only had you from the beginning to the end!!
This world is cruel, will eat you alive and devour your soul, leave you half when you started out whole..
This is a true story, my story, that somehow must be told..
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