Monday, March 14, 2016

Should Kim Kardashian Be Considered A Role Model? Or Is She Simply A Woman That's Setting A Bad Example For A Generation Of Children??!!

where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

We have now embarked on a time where women are not valued for how our brains operate but rather how our bodies are shaped and how much of it we can show on our social network sites.. There are thousand among thousand of young women who look up to the celebrities of today, but yet our celebrities are opting out of being role models.. Seeking attention in any way that they can get it..
For instance: haven't we seen enough of Kim Kardashian's bare ass?!!
Personally, I'm appalled at Kim and her latest Instagram nude post, you would think that being a mother of a daughter herself now, that she would put away all the explicit photo's and put on some cloth's.. It has become shameful!!
A woman can be sexy fully clothed without showing everything that she was created with..
To all you young women out there that thinks that it takes for you to be half or fully naked to get a man's attention: you are absolutely right! You can get him to look twice and even a third time without any cloth's on, however, if you are in it for the long haul.. what man do you think that's in his right mind wants a woman that has already allowed the world to see what's meant to be for your partner's eye's only!!
I can assure you that this man will most definitely take you home,fu*k you every which way he can and utilize every hole that you have open, to fulfill his every pleasures, then after he's done.. he will throw you away like yesterday's paper!!
What you see in the media isn't always meant for you to do, some women choose to put themselves out there to be disrespected, to be called bitch's to be treated like hoes.. do you not know your worth?? Do you not realize that you are beautiful? Baby, beauty comes from within, not the cloths you wear, the shoes you rock or the purse that you carry over your arm..
You may very well have the baddest body on the block, however if everyone in the neighborhood has pulled into your drive way or peeked in your window, then what's left?? A good time is all that you will ever be.. no one will ever take you serious.. no one will want to take you home to meet their parent's..
You know there's a huge difference between being trashy and classy.. Kim K is very beautiful, in fact, she was beautiful before all of the stardom!!
And for her to make such drastic changes to herself speaks volumes! She puts on like she has it all together, but really.. does she? could there be some type of insecurity issues she may be dealing with within her self to be posting nude photo's to change the way that she looks to where she is barely recognizable from the beautiful woman she once was year's ago.. I don't have that answer for that question, however what I do know is that, if she were 1,000% confident in who she is as a role model, as a woman of power she wouldn't do some of the thing's that she has done to reach stardom and fame!!
I'm not writing this to make anyone feel bad about the choice's they have made, whether that's having sex with the music industry, making sex tapes, or simply sleeping with anyone that can elevate them to their next level in life..
I'm speaking on it because I want our younger generation to respect themselves and know your worth!! All that glitters ain't gold baby.. and this my beautiful young ladies comes from the heart!!
Love yourself enough, respect yourself enough to know you are so much more then a roll in the hay.. to know that you are not a bit*h, you are not a hoe, and you don't need to take off all of your cloths in order to be considered sexy!
Take it from a woman that prides herself on being sexy.. And I don't need to show the world what I'm working with to do so..

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