Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, Expecting A Baby?? And More!!

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Wait..wait... is this another hoax? Foxx and Holmes have yet to confirm there relationship or should we here at Wellsink, call it a situationship? and now rumors are flying all over the place alleging that the A-list couple may in fact be expecting a child.. sources such as O.K. Magazine and other publication's seem to think so!! Hey.. until we know that this is more then a rumor.. it will stay just that.. a rumor.. moving right along..

I guess Kim Kardashian is never in the business to marry for love, for her, it's all about " who will be next to help elevate her to the next level" smh.. In Touch Magazine has thrown out there that Kim has ran to her lawyer's yet again, ready to file for a divorce from her short lived marriage to Kanye.. claiming that he was knocking on the guest doors of the NYC's Waldorf Astoria hotel, and that he was insistently belligerent. " he caused a huge scene," says a Kardashian insider. " he refused to listen to anyone and kept screaming, I am Kanye West and my wife is Kim fucking Kardashian." sources state when he returned to their suite, Kim was livid, claiming that he had awaken both of their small children, and yelled at him to go and get his own room.. sources state that the Kardashian clan is urging West to go and seek professional help..
Now believing that he is crazy, due to his tweeter tantrums and asking Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg to give him $1 billion dollars..

Kim called him a pleading, pathetic, fool, continuing on with saying "we don't beg." sources have stated.
Let me ask you this question Kim.. " Out of all the years you've known Yeezy, it took you to marry him to learn that he was a few cans short of a six pack? a couple of fries short of a happy meal.. I mean, why on earth would you wait until a marriage and two children later to call him on the thing's that he has been doing prior to the both of you getting married?? You Kardashian girls really kills me.. smh.. have you ever heard of the saying "look deep before you leap?" So why the hell did you leap? Was this just another way to boost your popularity level? another way for you to quickly come up? because after all.. didn't Kanye help further put you on the map?? Now he needs to seek professional help?? just like Scott Disick, and Lamar Odom... rightttt....
Some would say that the Kardashian clan are spinning a web that can only be spun by black widow's.. My goodness, take Bruce Jenner for Christ sake.. sheesh.. he doesn't even want to be a man anymore.. maybe the problem here isn't the men you people keep throwing in the middle of your lives but you!!!.. IJS. Don't cry now Kim... sometimes.. you just have to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it..
Damn, Kanye, hope she doesn't take you for all that you have and then forbid you from seeing your adorable children.. We'll see how this one plays out..

On a more happy note.. let's take a gander and congratulate NE-YO and Crystal who have just recently married:
and expecting their first child together.. congrats my friends..

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