Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Katt Williams, Swings At A Teen, And Get's A Rude Awakening!!

 where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Looks like Katt Williams has put his hands on the wrong person this time, he threw a punch reportedly, at a 7th grader and ended up getting put in a choke hold by him too!!
Katt, had been in one of Atlanta's low income communities when the incident occurred.
Mr. William's clearly you are going through some real live personal shit lately, however this time you just may have taken things just a little too far!
To go off on random people is one thing, but to stoop as low as trying to sucka punch a minor is at a all new low.. for even you!
We here at Wellsink, hope you get the professional help you so desperately need, because this shit has gotten a whole lot of outta hand for you.

Phife Dawg, From The Famous Rap Group " A Tribe Called Quest" Loses His Battles In Life And Dies At The Ripe Age Of 45!

 where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Phife Dawg, the all too familiar, rapper died on Wednesday at the ripe age of 45, it has been stated by TMZ, that he had been battling with diabetes and had undergone a kidney transplant back in 2008.
Root's Drummer, "QuestLove" posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, to his long time friend, as well as
Q-Tip and other artist.
Phife Dawg.. may you rest in peace and thank you for the music that many of us from your generation grew up on, song's such as "Scenario," and more to name..
We will forever hold on to our memories of you..

Monday, March 14, 2016

Should Kim Kardashian Be Considered A Role Model? Or Is She Simply A Woman That's Setting A Bad Example For A Generation Of Children??!!

where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

We have now embarked on a time where women are not valued for how our brains operate but rather how our bodies are shaped and how much of it we can show on our social network sites.. There are thousand among thousand of young women who look up to the celebrities of today, but yet our celebrities are opting out of being role models.. Seeking attention in any way that they can get it..
For instance: haven't we seen enough of Kim Kardashian's bare ass?!!
Personally, I'm appalled at Kim and her latest Instagram nude post, you would think that being a mother of a daughter herself now, that she would put away all the explicit photo's and put on some cloth's.. It has become shameful!!
A woman can be sexy fully clothed without showing everything that she was created with..
To all you young women out there that thinks that it takes for you to be half or fully naked to get a man's attention: you are absolutely right! You can get him to look twice and even a third time without any cloth's on, however, if you are in it for the long haul.. what man do you think that's in his right mind wants a woman that has already allowed the world to see what's meant to be for your partner's eye's only!!
I can assure you that this man will most definitely take you home,fu*k you every which way he can and utilize every hole that you have open, to fulfill his every pleasures, then after he's done.. he will throw you away like yesterday's paper!!
What you see in the media isn't always meant for you to do, some women choose to put themselves out there to be disrespected, to be called bitch's to be treated like hoes.. do you not know your worth?? Do you not realize that you are beautiful? Baby, beauty comes from within, not the cloths you wear, the shoes you rock or the purse that you carry over your arm..
You may very well have the baddest body on the block, however if everyone in the neighborhood has pulled into your drive way or peeked in your window, then what's left?? A good time is all that you will ever be.. no one will ever take you serious.. no one will want to take you home to meet their parent's..
You know there's a huge difference between being trashy and classy.. Kim K is very beautiful, in fact, she was beautiful before all of the stardom!!
And for her to make such drastic changes to herself speaks volumes! She puts on like she has it all together, but really.. does she? could there be some type of insecurity issues she may be dealing with within her self to be posting nude photo's to change the way that she looks to where she is barely recognizable from the beautiful woman she once was year's ago.. I don't have that answer for that question, however what I do know is that, if she were 1,000% confident in who she is as a role model, as a woman of power she wouldn't do some of the thing's that she has done to reach stardom and fame!!
I'm not writing this to make anyone feel bad about the choice's they have made, whether that's having sex with the music industry, making sex tapes, or simply sleeping with anyone that can elevate them to their next level in life..
I'm speaking on it because I want our younger generation to respect themselves and know your worth!! All that glitters ain't gold baby.. and this my beautiful young ladies comes from the heart!!
Love yourself enough, respect yourself enough to know you are so much more then a roll in the hay.. to know that you are not a bit*h, you are not a hoe, and you don't need to take off all of your cloths in order to be considered sexy!
Take it from a woman that prides herself on being sexy.. And I don't need to show the world what I'm working with to do so..

This Is A True Story, My Story, That Somehow Must Be Told!!

where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Hurt, pain, lost, and destruction, these topics are still open for discussion.. Babies dying, wrapped up in sheet's, small children with no food to eat, human being's finding solace in the streets, using news paper's to bring them heat.
         Crying tear's made of blood, the tear's so heavy creating a river, something like a flood, people so fake finding it hard to be real.. Teenager's growing up feeling as if they were just a slip of the pill, heart's full of pain.. Doing sinful thing's that often bring them shame!
Loveless marriages, heart's don't care, searching for love, but can't find it anywhere!
Souls are lost, mind's are gone.. Trying to find comfort in what should be home, instead.. finding chaos, corruption, anger and fights.. Even when you pray, you just can't get right, falling to your knee's begging the lord to save you.. please!!
Help me, give me the strength to carry on, give me the muscle to allow me to be strong.. feeling like your cries have fell upon death ear's, wondering what's left to celebrate in this terrible world here.. Living in fear.. afraid to sleep at night..
Waking up with bruises, only to find out, you've been fighting yourself right??
Fighting the demons that attack you while your sleep, the battle is strong often at times making you weak!
Losing weight, no appetite to eat.. trying not to swallow that word we call "defeat"
Smiling faces that pretend to be your friend.. only to find out in the end.. that you've only had you from the beginning to the end!!
This world is cruel, will eat you alive and devour your soul, leave you half when you started out whole..
This is a true story, my story, that somehow must be told..

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, Expecting A Baby?? And More!!

Wellsink: Where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Wait..wait... is this another hoax? Foxx and Holmes have yet to confirm there relationship or should we here at Wellsink, call it a situationship? and now rumors are flying all over the place alleging that the A-list couple may in fact be expecting a child.. sources such as O.K. Magazine and other publication's seem to think so!! Hey.. until we know that this is more then a rumor.. it will stay just that.. a rumor.. moving right along..

I guess Kim Kardashian is never in the business to marry for love, for her, it's all about " who will be next to help elevate her to the next level" smh.. In Touch Magazine has thrown out there that Kim has ran to her lawyer's yet again, ready to file for a divorce from her short lived marriage to Kanye.. claiming that he was knocking on the guest doors of the NYC's Waldorf Astoria hotel, and that he was insistently belligerent. " he caused a huge scene," says a Kardashian insider. " he refused to listen to anyone and kept screaming, I am Kanye West and my wife is Kim fucking Kardashian." sources state when he returned to their suite, Kim was livid, claiming that he had awaken both of their small children, and yelled at him to go and get his own room.. sources state that the Kardashian clan is urging West to go and seek professional help..
Now believing that he is crazy, due to his tweeter tantrums and asking Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg to give him $1 billion dollars..

Kim called him a pleading, pathetic, fool, continuing on with saying "we don't beg." sources have stated.
Let me ask you this question Kim.. " Out of all the years you've known Yeezy, it took you to marry him to learn that he was a few cans short of a six pack? a couple of fries short of a happy meal.. I mean, why on earth would you wait until a marriage and two children later to call him on the thing's that he has been doing prior to the both of you getting married?? You Kardashian girls really kills me.. smh.. have you ever heard of the saying "look deep before you leap?" So why the hell did you leap? Was this just another way to boost your popularity level? another way for you to quickly come up? because after all.. didn't Kanye help further put you on the map?? Now he needs to seek professional help?? just like Scott Disick, and Lamar Odom... rightttt....
Some would say that the Kardashian clan are spinning a web that can only be spun by black widow's.. My goodness, take Bruce Jenner for Christ sake.. sheesh.. he doesn't even want to be a man anymore.. maybe the problem here isn't the men you people keep throwing in the middle of your lives but you!!!.. IJS. Don't cry now Kim... sometimes.. you just have to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it..
Damn, Kanye, hope she doesn't take you for all that you have and then forbid you from seeing your adorable children.. We'll see how this one plays out..

On a more happy note.. let's take a gander and congratulate NE-YO and Crystal who have just recently married:
and expecting their first child together.. congrats my friends..

When Being Strong, Just Isn't Enough!!

Wellsink: where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

With so much going on in the world of entertainment, the lies, the gossip, who's leaving who, who's sleeping with who and who's pregnant or not.. Makes it a little bit hard for Wellsink, to keep up with it all...
But first, allow me to explain a few very important things to my readers, you may have been wondering, just where in the hell did I disappear to these past few month's..
Thing's with my health have gotten a little bit worse and I found myself rolling around in the grass of "Self Pity" finding it hard to continue fighting!
Some thing's in life will either, kill us or make us stronger, and for awhile, I found myself no longer wanting to be strong.
My 19-year-old-son was also taking me through the ringer, making it even harder to want to stay motivated to continue on striving to do what I do best.. which ultimately, at the end of the day, is writing!
I began to think of all the people that I have helped along the way and how the majority of them all, bit the hand that fed them..
I think that when my physician diagnosed me with having stomach cancer last month, that was just the straw that broke this camel's back.
To say the least, I was shocked, then shock turned into anger, often questioning everything and everyone around me.. I had over-come so much in life and now was beginning to feel defeated by the Congestive Heart Failure, and now stomach cancer!
I thought "what else could go wrong?" and that's when my 19 year-old began to show his lack of respect, for me.. his own mother, a mother that laid down a life that I desperately wanted in order to raise him and his siblings.
Nothing was worth it anymore.. the music, the blogs, the number's.. nothing. I just wanted to be left alone.. Left to wallow in my own self pity.
I couldn't understand why all of these bad things were piling up on me ( What did I do to deserve all of this?) was the question I found myself asking daily.
Feeling like I was way too young to be suffering from all these thing's.. and then.. like a bolt of lighting that struck on a cold, cloudy, rainy day.. I began to realize, I stopped believing, the faith and hope wasn't present any longer, I began  to induce and create the negative vibes that were now.. so strongly present.
It was now time to wake up and do something about it.
After "Big Ang" from "Mob Wives" died of Lung Cancer, I fell into a deeper depression.. she was my girl and a perfect example of how we are here one day and gone the next!
So I made my mind up to bring awareness to those whom may have been just diagnosed with the debilitating effects of all cancers.
In early stages of stomach cancer, it can be hard to detect, making it nearly impossible to be found in patients until it's too late, and it's usually other symptoms that trigger a red flag for some physicians to even begin the work-up for adenocarcinoma.. for me, it was a on-set of severe back pain that wouldn't go away, with pain medication, warm or cold compresses nor with relaxation..
Listen to your body.. it will tell you when there is something out of whack, no matter how afraid you are of learning the truth..
Be medically aware of what's going on inside your body, the earlier you catch the issue, the longer you just may live..
To learn more about stomach cancer, please click on the link below.

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...