Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Who Will Cry"

Who cares for the child that was born in a world full of sin, trying to figure out what direction to go but not knowing where to begin??
Who cares about the woman in extreme and severe pain, the child that was born out of embarrassment and shame??A child that tried to be normal, but the world deemed insane?
Who care's about the woman who grew up from a child, that was sad and hurting from the inside out, no one heard her when she was silent, so she began to scream and shout!! Fatherless, with a mother who did not care, the daughter that was raped and molested, found in parking lot's bare, naked and stripped of her innocence, the child whose mother, couldn't be found, not even in despair!!
Who cries for the woman who had eight kids, the woman who did a six year bid?
The woman who struggled by herself and alone, the woman who never felt at peace when her heart was alone?
Who cares for the woman who's in deep agonizing pain? The bag lady, who walks the street's to clear her mind to keep from going insane?
Who cares? Who cries? Who will hurt for me, when I'm dead and gone, buried 6 feet deep!!?
Nobody, that's who.. Tell me NOW can you feel my pain?
Signed the bag lady, who was born without a name.
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