Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What's Wrong With The Generation Of Children Today? Have We The Parents Lost Control To A Society That Is Unforgiving And Manipulative?

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Do you remember when you were a child? A time when you were in fact afraid of your parent's? And it was okay to be afraid because it kept you in line, A time when you loved and respected the people who brought you into this world. You may not have agreed with everything that was told to you, and you even may have mumbled those silent "I hate you's" underneath your breath, as your parent's walked out of your ear shot, but in the end, you got over whatever it was that you may have been feeling, and no love was lost..
We got disciplined, we were taught right from wrong and were given rules that we absolutely adhered to and if we didn't, there were consequences to face right?
What has happened to this new generation of children? Where did we go wrong? Or have we took a wrong turn at all? Has society made these new age, watered down, children feel as if they have some type of sense of entitlement? Do they really live by the music they are hearing on the radio and in mainstream media? Has what they've become to watch really affected their way of thinking?
Some would like to blame most of the "out of control behaviors" on the parenting that is going on in the home, and in some cases, that just may be true, however.. There are parent's who still abide by the old school rules and are trying to instill in their children, those very core values.
You can not blame a child or teen that goes into a fit of rage and blows the head's off of their classmate's on the parenting at home!! You can not say that because there wasn't a father in the home, this is why little "Timmy" went out and raped "Sara" on the playground or why "Big Shawn" went out and robbed four banks at gun point.. Which leads me back to the point I was trying to make earlier, when a child begins to stop listening to the parents and starts to emulate what they are hearing on the radio and watching on television, we are bound to see some type of dysfunction begin to transpire.
When we have children that are not being guided in the right direction and allowing the streets to raise our children.. What outcome did we expect???? Children these days are not living to see their 21st birthday!! And you want to know why? Because they are looking for something to take their pain away, pain from a absent mother or father, pain from drug abuse, pain from being molested, pain from bullying, pain from being in a system that could care less about them..
They search for refuge in the streets, in the arms of men, in the arms of women, and now we are seeing more often then not, in the arms of same sex relationships, as well as gangs!!
However, what about those children who never had to endure such cruelties and their only argument was they came from a single parent home, and the mother was the sole bread winner, which made the child less fortunate then others? Is that a reason for a child to become unruly and often disrespectful? Some would say yes!!
Which is unrealistic, how can a person who has tried to provide every necessity a child may have needed be blamed and frowned upon? After all she was there with that child? She didn't walk out.. And surely that door swings both ways because we in fact have father's who are raising their children without the presence of the mother.. And that's to be commended, because its not a easy job to tackle.. However, Wellsink, isn't referring to this type of scenario, we are speaking of the women who get persecuted for doing their best, the mother that isn't on drug's or a alcoholic, the mother who refused to allow her home to become a revolving door for any man who showed her any type of attention.. The mother who's son sought comfort in the street life and found himself dealing with the law.. The mother who had to constantly visit the juvenile courts or deal with the police running in and out of their homes because of the wrong doing of the child.. The mother who's had to watch the child she bore wither away due to the drug infested lifestyle that they have chosen or the mother who constantly sits in with the principal and dean of the school, due to inappropriate behaviors of the child??
Why are the mother's always to blame?? Why is it that the men who helped create these out of control children, get a "Get out of jail" free card? This isn't the game Monopoly, this is the game of Life!! And life has gotten REAL for a lot of single women who have opted out of a life of their own to raise children who at the end of the day have blatantly showed no love nor respect for the woman who has given them life.. I heard s story of a young man who lives in his mother's home, now let me add this is not a teenage boy but a grown man maybe in his late 20's early 30's struck his mother on Christmas day in Sacramento, Ca, and she did what any mother who raised an ungrateful non loving child would do, grabbed her gun and began to fire rounds at him.. Why was she the one who went to jail and left in a cold cell on a day that is supposed to be full of love..
A mother who's been in a car accident pawns her most valuable possessions as to allow her children a beautiful Christmas, but those same children leave her wounded and alone to fend for herself in her time of need (as long as they got what they wanted from her, who cares that she needed their help right?)
A mother tells her disrespectful 19-year-old son who by the way has a job, but rather live with his mother, and smoke weed, have sex in her younger child's bed, brings weapons in her home for her two youngest daughter's to find, to leave her home because his disrespect and disregard for his younger siblings would not be tolerated, tells his sick mother "Fuck you, you stupid bitch!! Where am I supposed to go" as he goes into a tantrum and begins to destroy the rental property the mother is renting.
Why is it okay for mother's to tolerate the type of madness that is being displayed all because she "Is the mother?" It isn't okay and something needs to happen and fast!! I for one believe that if an adult child has the audacity to disrespect the woman who gave them life.. Then she should have the audacity to wash her hands, move forward and not look back!! I'm here to tell you women ie.. Mother's that are suffering from this type of insanity, that you DO NOT have to put up with it!! Don't let this messed up society tell you that because you in fact brought these children in the world that you have to suffer in silence or die loving these unruly children, because you don't!! If their father's have walked out and are not being a contributing factor and they are of age.. You my dear have that same gotdamn option.. To opt out of being their mother!! Your feelings matter!! You did
your job!! And you too are worthy of living a happy, stress free life..
Food for thought.
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