Sunday, December 6, 2015

Time To Put All You Fakes On Blast!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Your a snake in the grass, a fraud at best, Thought you got over cause you saw titties on my chest, screamin' to the world your as real as can be! But your a fake pretender, just like them actors on T.V. sendin' me pics, of your so called money.. But yet you got a problem payin' me My money!!
I should have listened to Mathematics when he tried to warn me, that in the end you'd tried to snake me..
Up under that nigga because of his family DMX, thought you would befriend him.. Because of his brother checks!!
Lookin' for a way out anyway you can, looking for a hand out, always holding outcha hand, yelling to the word that you got fans.. But wait..hold up..Ain't NOBODY ever heard of you man!!
Losing ya homies, like left and right, your own damn cousins quit phuckin witcha right!!
I thought you knew Big Meech, guess that was ah lie too,
See imma lyrical assassin, boy I thought you knew.. I'll eatcha ya ass up whole, make a snack outta you, ruin ya career.. Yea I'll do that too, by the time I'm done telling the world boutcha get down and how you do.. Won't none of these kats wanna phuck witchew!!
Take that lame game, and shove it right up your azz!! You see imma real bitch, I puts ah phoney Kat on blast..
Time to teach you a lesson, you've now entered my class.. Getcha pen ah piece of paper.. And jot this shit down.. You ain't ah boss your loser, bitch..bout ta straight Clown!!
Your being fraudulent, I'm not ah fake... Just ain't my..get down..
Did my job, hooked you up, now I'm hoping you lose, hope they see.. You sound like shid, and give you the blues!!
Phuckin wit ah real live witch, that's castin' spells all up over you.. I got my pot, I'm stirring up shit, ah chic you shouldn't have phucked wit!! On my bad side, wishin' bad luck, in a minute you'll be stuck with the reality, that you phucked up.. With no chance to win!!
I realize now.. In the end.. You were never a friend,  I should have left you in the past!! I'm never afraid, I'm shoutin' out names, Grip I'm puttin you on blast!! Kiss my azz, suck my pus*y!! Do it moving.. Keep it pushin'!! And I do mean like Fassss!!

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