Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Signed A Mother In Pain..

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

I'm a woman, sister, daughter, and someone's aunt too, I bleed red, have feelings, and often cry too!! I'm in pain.. Live in shame, from the shit my children do!!
If I knew then.. The things I know now.. I wouldn't have planted seeds, and there it is.. POW!! I feel like running, don't want to stay, I gave my all anyways!!
Bent over backwards, I cooked, I cleaned, wiped noses and cleaned ass, would I do it all over again?? Hell NAW, I pass!!
I gave my heart, got nothing in return, and didn't expect to in the end, I just wanted to give back what I didn't have to begin.. A family to love, cherish, and children to give a home.
They got big, and disrespectful and now they are all grown..
Looking back through the years, the misery they caused, now I just want to be left alone!! Don't ring my bell, call my phone, don't fix your lips to ask for shit!! Yea I'm on vacation, you can call me a trip!!
I can't care if you don't, I'm not trying if you won't!!
This world has your brain in a daze and a cloud of confusion, But as your mother.. I won't live in your  delusion..
Smoke your weed, go to jail, call me all out my name.. You'll learn in the end, and you'll remember my name (mama)
I kept you safe, kept you warm, held you when no one else cared.. Live your life, do it movin' because its your judgment that's been impaired!!
I won't cry.. No more tears, too many nights and way too many years!! I was good!! No fuck that.. I was great!!
I gave you LIFE you ate off my plate!! I went hungry, no I starved while your belly got full and in tact, you may have not had all material possessions, but my love you never lacked!!
Give me my life back, give me back my time.. Give me back ALL the years when I use to think you were mines!!
I'm done trying, I give up!! Fuck what society has to say, I'm done dying to love you.. You could care less anyways..
Signed a Mother in pain, A mother who lived only not to have a name.

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