Monday, October 26, 2015

Wellsink Weekend Update's, Brad And Angie On The Verge Of Calling It Quits! Lamar Odom, From Happy To Fighting For His Life!!

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                           ~Wellsink Weekend Updates~


Angie and Brad, just can not seem to get along these day's, Their fans have watched these two go from lovebirds, to not being able to be around each other for more then a few day's without the two getting into some heated argument, resulting in one or the two packing up and leaving. Angelina Jolie
packed her thing's for a flight from London to Cambodia, where she would then look for locations to film, "First they killed my father" She was not anticipating killing her presence with Brad Pitt, stating to him "I'll see you when I see you" and him replying with a cold "Yeah, goodbye" no kiss, nor a shake of the hand's goodbye as she went in one direction and Brad the other.
The way that they had departed came to a surprise to no one, being that the pair are so fed up with one another, she seemed to be almost relieved to be getting away from him as she packed her bags, stated an insider, To InTouch Magazine.

 "They use to make time to be together , now it is the furthest thing from their minds"
Whoa! I guess at some point that feeling of being in love and the romance just completely dies when it comes to some of our Hollywood couples, We hope that the two can work out whatever issues that they may be having for the sake of their children. 
 In other news

Lamar Odom, Still In a Las Vegas Hospital, Fighting To Stay Alive!!

 While Khloe Kardashian, has not left Odom's side, some are whispering that it is because of her and her other family members that he is in the hospital in the first place! Of course, no one made Lamar do the drugs nor did anyone make him take the herbal substitute for Viagra. however, some are saying that if it wasn't for the emotional roller coaster Khloe Left him riding on, he would not have been in such a distraught state of mind, Sources are stating that Odom is now communicating by writing things down with pen and pad, and doctor's are stating that he may very well need physical therapy to learn how to talk and walk again.. The good thing is, he is out of the dark. And when all this is behind Lamar, we hope that he will be on a path to make a change for the better in his life, even if that means, leaving Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian's in the past, to allow him to move on and live a happier and healthier life!

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