Friday, October 2, 2015

Ebony "Karma Dior" Songbird, On The Rise!!

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Ebony "KARMA" originates from a town called Port Huron, MI, a city located one hour away from Detroit.
And growing up for "KARMA" was far from the glamorous life that one can now find her living. Ebony grew up in a single parent home, with her mother being diagnosed with Lupus, her family did not have much at all.. although to the naked eye, it may have seemed as if Mrs. Dior had it all, but on the inside she knew all too well that nothing was further from the truth.. she hid being less fortunate well. Her mothers prayers, and her ability to maintain good credit her mother was able to keep her family afloat for a very long time, however "The sicker my mother became, the less fortunate we became," stated Ebony.
As the medicine began to mount up, so did her mother's bills, "KARMA" described a feeling of being "Sick of seeing it all" the mounting bill's, and the poverty that she had become accustomed to living in, was all too much, and it was at that time that she decided to take matter's into her own hands.. Going from once a helpless child, to her journey on the streets as the neighborhood "Block Provider" and for those who may not be familiar with that term.. she began to deal drugs. in need of some escape from the struggle that she had been living in.
Those turn of event ultimately lead "Karma" into a life that went from the institution of poverty, to the institution of Prison, twice. While incarcerated on her second bid, Ebony's mother had lost her battle to Lupus, and it was then that she had made the conscious decision to change her life. "KARMA" had known that the life that she had been living was not the life her mother wanted her to live, So to honor her mother in death.. when she was released from prison, she enrolled in college, and has been there nine year's... and in a year-in-a half, she will have walked away from college and received her Doctorate Degree, Thus proving that it doesn't matter what your walk may have been like in the past, if you dream it..Your future can shine as bright as the stars allows it to, just as long as you have the drive and ambition to succeed!
Ebony "KARMA" Dior journey into the music industry hadn't just come by chance either, it all began when she started singing with "Lisa Stokes" from P Diddy's and MTV'S "Making The Band"
At the ripe age of 21, she began to get serious about her music career, and make no mistake about it, this soulful princess is well rounded, not only does she sing, but she loves dancing as well as writing, drawing inspiration from Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, stating that "All around, Madonna is her biggest inspiration of them all, she's from where I'm from, and she is incredible.
Mrs. "KARMA" sings R&B however her love for Alternative and Electric music is what keeps this vivacious young woman alive!!
Ebony has stated that at least two or three times a year, she has her moment's when she wants to throw it all to the wind, but quickly snaps back stating " I think we all do. That's how I know I'm destined for greatness, when I can have pressed through and ignore those feelings. i can't quit, my passion is too great."
"KARMA" went on to say that this year, has been a great one for her, saying that she has learned alot about herself as a whole and really began to invest in her career, and how to really entertain,she has this advice for anyone trying to reach the same levels that she has currently climbed "How can YOU expect anyone else to believe in you, when you don't belive in you?"
She has subsequently been placed on all the major distributive platforms and been featured in major international and national publications.

"KARMA" is nominated for an Underground Music Award. The awards will be held in New York City in Times Square on October 24th, 2015. she is up for "The Most Promising Female Artist" Pasr award winners include: Nicki Minaj, MGK, Cory Gunz, J Cole, Freeway, Lil Mama, Killah Priest, Remy Ma, Styles P, Papoose, Saigon, and more!!!

Ebony wanted to take this time out to shout out her city for always being there for her, showing her nothing but love and support, Wellsink for one..Can't wait to hear more from this beautiful song bird..Keep your ears all the way open because this is a train that's coming fast and if you blink too long.... Well then you just may have missed the next big thing on the move!!

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