Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lamar Odom, In A Fight For His Life After Taking A Herbal Substitue For Viagra!! Lamar Now In Critical Condition!!

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                                       ~Breaking News~

                            UPDATE ON LAMAR ODOM: 

                              IN CRITICAL CONDITION!!

Lamar Odom, was reportedly found unconscious, and is now fighting for his life, in a hospital after turning all the way up, at Dennis Hoff's Love Ranch, located in Nevada.

 According to TMZ, the NBA star allegedly spent the weekend at the brothel, when he took a substitute for Viagra, while hanging out with a few of the women employed there. 


Reportedly, the manager of the brothel found Odom unconscious in his suite, where a liquidity substance was then found coming out of Odom's mouth and nose after turning him over.

Lamar, was then rushed to a hospital in Pahrump Nevada, where he was then placed on a breathing Machine. As of 11:00pm PST Odom is still in a coma and his heart is failing, Sources have stated to TMZ
 That he is also having severe problem's with his kidney's and lungs. Khloe, Kris, and Kim Kardashian, has since rushed to be by Lamar's side. And it has been stated that Khloe is distraught and inconsolable at this time

Sources close to this situation has reported that Odom is in fact still alive with the assistance of breathing machines and remains in critical condition.

Plans to get Odom to a hospital in Las Vegas, by airlift were cancelled due to Lamar being too tall, this according to the Nye County Sheriff's department.. He was rushed to a hospital in Vegas by ambulance.

With the Kardashian's being the closet Odom has to any type of family and being right there at his bedside, let's hope that this will be all he need's to bring him out of this dark time in his life!!
This bit of news has saddened us here at Wellsink!!

Wishing the very best for Lamar, and the Kardashian's this proves, that in dier situations, people can pull together and show the love that has in fact always been there.



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