Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lamar Odom And Scott Disick Team Up To Take Down The Kardashian's And For Good!! No One Is Excluded From Their Wrath!!

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Looks like the public isn't the only one's fed up with the Kardashian bulls**t, so is Lamar Odom and Scott Disick, threatening to reveal all of the families dark and hidden secrets and no one is excluded from their wrath either! Not even Rob. Lamar and Scott are furious and ready to take their revenge on the family!!
Both men have knowledge of decades of this family secrets, and Life & Style has learned that Scott and Lamar are using the information that they both know to write a tell-all Book on the clan. " They both feel like they have been played," says's an insider.
They both feel as if the Kardashian's have ruined their lives, so in the book, nothing will be off limit's!

Of course revenge is not the only reason the duo have paired up to air the families dirty laundry, They both could end up making a whooping $5 million dollar's for spilling the beans, according to a celebrity author and publishing expert, Marc Shapiro stating "If I were the publisher, I would get the book out as quickly as I could, by December at the latest,"
The entire Kardashian/Jenner family has reason to be scared too. We all know that Scott as well as Lamar have battled addiction problems. However Disick's manager has told Life & Style, that he is now ready to speak on the drug issues that The Kardashian themselves in fact are facing, including: pill popping, and drinking and not to mention all the bed hoping that goes on in the family. While they were dragging Lamar through the mud about his drug addiction, Khloe was boozing it up daily! Reveals a source. And Kris drinks vodka from the time sunrises until it set's. Some family members, the insider stated " Pop Xanax and Ambiem like it's candy." Also, while Khloe's denied using drugs in the past, the insider has stated that she has taken diet pills  "When she feels really insecure about her looks,"
Scott was doing so much coke that there could of been no way in hell Kourtney had no clue on what was going on in her own home! Sources have stated that tying the Kardashians into a huge cocaine scandal will sell alot of books!
Plastic surgery is another place where secrets will be revealed. " Scott and Lamar know how Kris has prompted every family member to get it done," the Source has claimed. "Kylie as well as Kendall were pushed to have Botox and fillers on a regular basis from a young age" 
 Another shocking secret will expose how all of their love lives are fixed!Lamar and Scott use to sit in family meeting's, where fake splits and real break-ups were discussed. They even discussed how long Kim would stay married to Kris Humphries.. The family schemed fake romances all to gain television ratings. Also in those meeting's.. Was when to leak stories of Kim and Ray J and who got paid for what.. and when.
Scott, plans on telling everyone Kim's "Hit list" who she would sleep with to make it to the top.. and on that list of hers.. was Jay Z.. Whoa!!
Kim's book "Selfish" may be dropping off the charts of which book's to read.. but I can assure you this book will go flying off the shelves!! And I for one cannot wait to go and purchase my copy!!
Talk about the shit hitting the fan.. And when it hits it' going to fly all over the damn place!! As we call it in the Entertainment World.. It's A Wrap!! Nothing and I mean nothing is off limits, and Wellsink has only given you a little bit, For more on what's to come to this Family of lies, bulls**t, and drama.. You'll just have to buy the book.

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