Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kim And Kanye On The Verge Of A Split?? And Bruce Wants To Be Every Woman He Idolized While With Kris.. Oh Boy!!

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 While it appears that Wellsink just keeps the punches coming when it comes to the Kardashian clan.. Nothing could be further from the Truth!! They just keep making headlines and the people love "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, So why not give the people what they want, Is the Question we pose to you??
It appears to Wellsink that Bruce Jenner wants to emulate every women he has ever desired to be.. And no, I will not call you Caitlyn, Bruce.. I'm having a hard time trying to swallow that pill, Not because you now want to be a woman, rather then you were an idol to so many Americans across the globe, for god's where the face on the "Wheaties cereal box." That may be one reason calling you Caitlyn is just way too impossible to do. You might as well ask "Post Cereal Brand" to allow you to be the face for the "Fruity Pebbles" Cereal box these day's.. (oops already been done)

Since Bruce has made this dramatic life decision, we have seen him rock, what appears to be every outfit Kim Kardashian has ever worn in her closet, and it's even been said that BJ, wore the outfits with much more taste then Kim.. Really?? Now, everyone knows that Kim as well as Khloe are the least favorite here at Wellsink, however we must give credit when it is due.. You people know good and damn well that Bruce is not wearing not a damn thing better then Kim, who are you trying to fool with that B.S.? 
Now it appears that Angelina Jolie is the admirer of the week, month or year..who knows, but Bj, was caught wearing the same all white Versace dress that designer, Jen Rade designed for Jolie and it was not the last time Jenner would be caught imitating Angie either!! Hey Jenner it's cool that you want to be a woman now and all, but if your going to try on Big girl pumps, Make sure that the pumps you try on is your own! (a lot of fun intended here)

Moving right along.. Say it isn't so.. Or is it?? Kim and Kanye split over Kim going through West's phone and finding what she was looking for.. "In Touch" Magazine has reported that Kim discovered Kanye was texting his ex and blew the lid! "There was a huge fight that left KK crying big ole alligator tears and saying that her marriage was over" 
"In Touch" Magazine has also stated that the woman who Kanye was allegedly texting is a woman that he was at one point "deeply in love with and going to marry" 

Of course Mr. West denied any and all allegations of any wrong doing and that his ex was reaching out to him regarding a project that she was working on and needed his help with the project, however, the overly emotional Kim refused to believe that stating " the messages were borderline flirtatious," says an insider... Ooookay..
Maybe that's the reason you don't go prowling through your mates belongings, because whether you are married or not that individual is still entitled to their privacy.. So now, not only has Kim blown a situation out of proportion, but she has in fact infuriated Kanye.. Since the fight, Kanye has been spotted leaving "The Nice Guy nightclub without Kim, and he didn't attend that family trip in St. Barts, located in the Caribbeans either!!
Welp Kim, let this be a lesson.. My mother always said "If you go looking for something, you are going to find it!!" I guess you found what you were looking fa aye Kim??
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