Monday, September 14, 2015

Is Jay Z and Beyonce Headed For A Divorce?!! Noooo!! Say IT isn't So!

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 InTouch Magazine seems to be bent on betting that Jay and Bey are headed for a nasty divorce, claiming that Beyonce' can no longer deal with Jay Z's unfaithful ways..
The magazine also stated that Beyonce' had a message for all the women of her audience, when she hit the stage to headline "Budweiser's Made In America music festival in Philly on Sept. 5th. claiming "She told the crowd, If you've survived a bad relationship.. Sing! Ladies, if you run your shit, take care of your kids, you make your own money, we're celebrating you tonight, all night," While Jay Z, was there,but curiously did not join her on stage as he has done so in the past. When Bey performed their duet "Drunk In Love" Knowles skipped right past Jay Z's part in the song, ( a concert-goer) advised InTouch Magazine "She did it all without him.
The Magazine went on to say that "she will be doing everything without him in the near future," and that it is official, Their marriage is over.. It has been said that multiple insider's have confirmed it?? Wellsink, would like to know just who in the hell are these insider's and how come these "Insider's" never have a name???
Moving right along..
The Magazine has also stated that, " Jay Z and Beyonce' failure to appear together at the Labor Day Weekend festival, follows another notable absence, because they in fact skipped the MTV awards back in August, which is in fact one of the biggest night's in the industry.. and guess what?! InTouch is now claiming that they now know why..
Stating that earlier this summer, Knowles found some suspicious text messages in Jay's phone that led her to believe he was having a secret affair with one of his {Female Rap Artist} says a close source to the couple.. "Here we go again with that source shit!!, don't tell me what a source told you that isn't dropping their name, that could be anyone. or better yet..that could be you making the whole thing up InTouch Magazine, Ijs
Continuing along: The magazine is claiming that Beyonce' has been on high alert and has even went as far as asking Jay's right hand man, if her suspicions had been right.. he in turn told Knowles that she needed to take that up with her husband.. To her, that was all the confirmation that she had needed.
When Jay suggested that they both attend the VMAs in a "show of public solidarity," say's an insider, B refused and a nasty argument erupted.. " She didn't understand why Jay would want to go when they're at a point where they can barely stand to look at one another," apparently Beyonce' made a comment to him stating that " He only wanted to go to see Rita Ora, he laughed and twirled his finger in a circular motion around his head, as if to say that B was crazy."
For those who may not be aware Jay has been linked romantically to Rita on more then one occasion , however Ora has strongly denied any involvement.. at all!!
The InTouch claims that the reaction Jay gave B set her off and she went in on the Rap Mogul.. and demanded to see his phone, but Jay Z wasn't moved and didn't give in to her demands.. Ultimately.. she told J that he was messing with the wrong woman..
Whoa!! InTouch Magazine and their source went on to say alot more then that.. And we here at Wellsink, hope that all this he said, she said is a bunch of B.S.
We for one would be sad to see this couple that has been going strong for seven year's end in a nasty divorce or court battle over Blue Ivy, because after all..No one loses in a battle such as that but the child and for the baby's sake.. Let's all keep our finger's crossed and hope for the very best for the Carter Family.. After all, We watched your love rise, and your fans are not ready to see it fall..
Wellsink, is sending out much love to the both of you, and may you find happiness and love in all of your Endeavours.. We love you both!!
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