Monday, September 21, 2015

How To Pin Point If Your Holding On, And When It's Time To Flush That Bullshit Down The Toilet!!

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Holding on to a relationship that is not productive, can not only be a strain on your heart, but a strain on your mental well being  also..
Why do both men and women hold on to something that they know will not last? Why do people continually put themselves through the unnecessary bulls**t? Is it to save save the embarrassment of a failed relationship? Or has the person just become so used to the other party that they fear being alone?
There could be many answer's to the question's posed.. But at the end of the day, is it worth it?  Is it worth staying with someone you absolutely know brings you down or causes pain to you? Just to say that have someone??
That my friend is a question that only you can answer, because you and only you know how much you can endure.
However, let's take a moment and focus on why it is not worth staying in such a relationship, whether it be a relationship with a child, friend, co-worker, or spouse, no relationship is worth losing your self!!
And at some point one must be strong enough to know when to cut all ties and let go..
If a person is not bringing something substantial in your life, isn't treating you the way you want to be treated or simply isn't loving you the way you want to be loved.. Then my God, why are you holding on? Doing so only causes more pain and could ultimately be detrimental to your health..
Yes, we all know that not accepting a person for who and what they are, falls a little on the selfish side, but it would be unfair to you to endure a relationship of any kind that is not cultivating you.
And bringing out the best person you know you can be!
Since I have brought to your attention that you may in fact be holding on to some Bulls**t, let me bring to you why it's time to flush that sh*t right down the toilet!!
 1. You have grown apart and it is now time to move forward with your life.

2.The trust and loyalty are simply gone.

3.When you don't know where you stand with the other person.

4. When you don't have the same vision, and your vision begins to get a little blurred.

5. If you are the only one in the relationship trying to make it right, it is definitely time to let go!!

6. When he or she does not encourage you or believe in you.

7. And most importantly, if the relationship isn't bringing you what you what or need, because, after all.. it is your happiness that is on the line.

Now that you know that you have been holding on and when to let go.. What will your next move be? Remember that you cannot blame anyone else for your failure's or let down's.. it's always up to you, and the ball is always in your court! Everyone has choices, so if you choose to stay in a relationship that brings you misery and pain.. Then please suffer in silence.. No one want's to hear your continuing complaints!! Either love it.. or leave it!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Is Jay Z and Beyonce Headed For A Divorce?!! Noooo!! Say IT isn't So!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

 InTouch Magazine seems to be bent on betting that Jay and Bey are headed for a nasty divorce, claiming that Beyonce' can no longer deal with Jay Z's unfaithful ways..
The magazine also stated that Beyonce' had a message for all the women of her audience, when she hit the stage to headline "Budweiser's Made In America music festival in Philly on Sept. 5th. claiming "She told the crowd, If you've survived a bad relationship.. Sing! Ladies, if you run your shit, take care of your kids, you make your own money, we're celebrating you tonight, all night," While Jay Z, was there,but curiously did not join her on stage as he has done so in the past. When Bey performed their duet "Drunk In Love" Knowles skipped right past Jay Z's part in the song, ( a concert-goer) advised InTouch Magazine "She did it all without him.
The Magazine went on to say that "she will be doing everything without him in the near future," and that it is official, Their marriage is over.. It has been said that multiple insider's have confirmed it?? Wellsink, would like to know just who in the hell are these insider's and how come these "Insider's" never have a name???
Moving right along..
The Magazine has also stated that, " Jay Z and Beyonce' failure to appear together at the Labor Day Weekend festival, follows another notable absence, because they in fact skipped the MTV awards back in August, which is in fact one of the biggest night's in the industry.. and guess what?! InTouch is now claiming that they now know why..
Stating that earlier this summer, Knowles found some suspicious text messages in Jay's phone that led her to believe he was having a secret affair with one of his {Female Rap Artist} says a close source to the couple.. "Here we go again with that source shit!!, don't tell me what a source told you that isn't dropping their name, that could be anyone. or better yet..that could be you making the whole thing up InTouch Magazine, Ijs
Continuing along: The magazine is claiming that Beyonce' has been on high alert and has even went as far as asking Jay's right hand man, if her suspicions had been right.. he in turn told Knowles that she needed to take that up with her husband.. To her, that was all the confirmation that she had needed.
When Jay suggested that they both attend the VMAs in a "show of public solidarity," say's an insider, B refused and a nasty argument erupted.. " She didn't understand why Jay would want to go when they're at a point where they can barely stand to look at one another," apparently Beyonce' made a comment to him stating that " He only wanted to go to see Rita Ora, he laughed and twirled his finger in a circular motion around his head, as if to say that B was crazy."
For those who may not be aware Jay has been linked romantically to Rita on more then one occasion , however Ora has strongly denied any involvement.. at all!!
The InTouch claims that the reaction Jay gave B set her off and she went in on the Rap Mogul.. and demanded to see his phone, but Jay Z wasn't moved and didn't give in to her demands.. Ultimately.. she told J that he was messing with the wrong woman..
Whoa!! InTouch Magazine and their source went on to say alot more then that.. And we here at Wellsink, hope that all this he said, she said is a bunch of B.S.
We for one would be sad to see this couple that has been going strong for seven year's end in a nasty divorce or court battle over Blue Ivy, because after all..No one loses in a battle such as that but the child and for the baby's sake.. Let's all keep our finger's crossed and hope for the very best for the Carter Family.. After all, We watched your love rise, and your fans are not ready to see it fall..
Wellsink, is sending out much love to the both of you, and may you find happiness and love in all of your Endeavours.. We love you both!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kim And Kanye On The Verge Of A Split?? And Bruce Wants To Be Every Woman He Idolized While With Kris.. Oh Boy!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

 While it appears that Wellsink just keeps the punches coming when it comes to the Kardashian clan.. Nothing could be further from the Truth!! They just keep making headlines and the people love "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, So why not give the people what they want, Is the Question we pose to you??
It appears to Wellsink that Bruce Jenner wants to emulate every women he has ever desired to be.. And no, I will not call you Caitlyn, Bruce.. I'm having a hard time trying to swallow that pill, Not because you now want to be a woman, rather then you were an idol to so many Americans across the globe, for god's where the face on the "Wheaties cereal box." That may be one reason calling you Caitlyn is just way too impossible to do. You might as well ask "Post Cereal Brand" to allow you to be the face for the "Fruity Pebbles" Cereal box these day's.. (oops already been done)

Since Bruce has made this dramatic life decision, we have seen him rock, what appears to be every outfit Kim Kardashian has ever worn in her closet, and it's even been said that BJ, wore the outfits with much more taste then Kim.. Really?? Now, everyone knows that Kim as well as Khloe are the least favorite here at Wellsink, however we must give credit when it is due.. You people know good and damn well that Bruce is not wearing not a damn thing better then Kim, who are you trying to fool with that B.S.? 
Now it appears that Angelina Jolie is the admirer of the week, month or year..who knows, but Bj, was caught wearing the same all white Versace dress that designer, Jen Rade designed for Jolie and it was not the last time Jenner would be caught imitating Angie either!! Hey Jenner it's cool that you want to be a woman now and all, but if your going to try on Big girl pumps, Make sure that the pumps you try on is your own! (a lot of fun intended here)

Moving right along.. Say it isn't so.. Or is it?? Kim and Kanye split over Kim going through West's phone and finding what she was looking for.. "In Touch" Magazine has reported that Kim discovered Kanye was texting his ex and blew the lid! "There was a huge fight that left KK crying big ole alligator tears and saying that her marriage was over" 
"In Touch" Magazine has also stated that the woman who Kanye was allegedly texting is a woman that he was at one point "deeply in love with and going to marry" 

Of course Mr. West denied any and all allegations of any wrong doing and that his ex was reaching out to him regarding a project that she was working on and needed his help with the project, however, the overly emotional Kim refused to believe that stating " the messages were borderline flirtatious," says an insider... Ooookay..
Maybe that's the reason you don't go prowling through your mates belongings, because whether you are married or not that individual is still entitled to their privacy.. So now, not only has Kim blown a situation out of proportion, but she has in fact infuriated Kanye.. Since the fight, Kanye has been spotted leaving "The Nice Guy nightclub without Kim, and he didn't attend that family trip in St. Barts, located in the Caribbeans either!!
Welp Kim, let this be a lesson.. My mother always said "If you go looking for something, you are going to find it!!" I guess you found what you were looking fa aye Kim??

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lamar Odom And Scott Disick Team Up To Take Down The Kardashian's And For Good!! No One Is Excluded From Their Wrath!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Looks like the public isn't the only one's fed up with the Kardashian bulls**t, so is Lamar Odom and Scott Disick, threatening to reveal all of the families dark and hidden secrets and no one is excluded from their wrath either! Not even Rob. Lamar and Scott are furious and ready to take their revenge on the family!!
Both men have knowledge of decades of this family secrets, and Life & Style has learned that Scott and Lamar are using the information that they both know to write a tell-all Book on the clan. " They both feel like they have been played," says's an insider.
They both feel as if the Kardashian's have ruined their lives, so in the book, nothing will be off limit's!

Of course revenge is not the only reason the duo have paired up to air the families dirty laundry, They both could end up making a whooping $5 million dollar's for spilling the beans, according to a celebrity author and publishing expert, Marc Shapiro stating "If I were the publisher, I would get the book out as quickly as I could, by December at the latest,"
The entire Kardashian/Jenner family has reason to be scared too. We all know that Scott as well as Lamar have battled addiction problems. However Disick's manager has told Life & Style, that he is now ready to speak on the drug issues that The Kardashian themselves in fact are facing, including: pill popping, and drinking and not to mention all the bed hoping that goes on in the family. While they were dragging Lamar through the mud about his drug addiction, Khloe was boozing it up daily! Reveals a source. And Kris drinks vodka from the time sunrises until it set's. Some family members, the insider stated " Pop Xanax and Ambiem like it's candy." Also, while Khloe's denied using drugs in the past, the insider has stated that she has taken diet pills  "When she feels really insecure about her looks,"
Scott was doing so much coke that there could of been no way in hell Kourtney had no clue on what was going on in her own home! Sources have stated that tying the Kardashians into a huge cocaine scandal will sell alot of books!
Plastic surgery is another place where secrets will be revealed. " Scott and Lamar know how Kris has prompted every family member to get it done," the Source has claimed. "Kylie as well as Kendall were pushed to have Botox and fillers on a regular basis from a young age" 
 Another shocking secret will expose how all of their love lives are fixed!Lamar and Scott use to sit in family meeting's, where fake splits and real break-ups were discussed. They even discussed how long Kim would stay married to Kris Humphries.. The family schemed fake romances all to gain television ratings. Also in those meeting's.. Was when to leak stories of Kim and Ray J and who got paid for what.. and when.
Scott, plans on telling everyone Kim's "Hit list" who she would sleep with to make it to the top.. and on that list of hers.. was Jay Z.. Whoa!!
Kim's book "Selfish" may be dropping off the charts of which book's to read.. but I can assure you this book will go flying off the shelves!! And I for one cannot wait to go and purchase my copy!!
Talk about the shit hitting the fan.. And when it hits it' going to fly all over the damn place!! As we call it in the Entertainment World.. It's A Wrap!! Nothing and I mean nothing is off limits, and Wellsink has only given you a little bit, For more on what's to come to this Family of lies, bulls**t, and drama.. You'll just have to buy the book.

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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