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Murder Inc. The Rise And Fall Of Former President, Kal Dawson And How He Clawed His Way Back To The Top!!

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 Kal Dawson, Former President Of Murder Inc. Record Label, Comes back with a vengeance, and he comes back swinging hard!!

Kal originates from the South side of Jamaica Queens, New York, growing up with his mother who was a New York, Police Officer. Dawson was no stranger to the streets, nor the dope game either, that he had been greatly influenced by at an early age, with his father being a heroin drug lord.
In the early 80's Kal became affiliated with the uncle of Curtis Jackson "50 cent" and before long was introduced to the man himself "50" and from that point on, a long lasting friendship had developed between the two.
It was at a very early age that Dawson found himself drawn to the Baisley Houses, Crack Distributing Organization, other known as the "Supreme Team" with Kal being one of the many dealers. Dawson learned early on that the life he was living would only lead to one of two thing's: Dead or incarcerated and neither of those options he was not prepared to take. It was at that time that he had taken on the roll of A&R at Def Jam Record Label. In the year of 2000, one evening while him and 50 had been out, upon arrival to Curtis Jackson's "50 cent" grandmother's home, a man approached the driver side of the vehicle that 50 had been driving, and began to open fire.. Kal was shot in the leg, arm, as well as his head. Doctor's informed Dawson that had the weapon that was used had been just a bit more powerful, he would not of survived the brutal attack.
Two day's after being discharged from the hospital, he went underground stating that " he needed answers" People were saying that the man who opened fire on the two was someone from Murder Inc. However Kal knew nothing could be further from the truth as he was employed by the label. Later finding out, it was someone who had beef with 50.
Kal became an inspiration for all to see. Shortly after Dawson's recovery he became the President of Murder Inc. Record's, that was owned by Irv Gotti, and the company reached sky rocketing levels, signing such names like Ja-Rule, Ashanti, Lloyd, and Charlie Baltimore. Murder Inc. played a huge roll in launching these careers.
The label grew huge in name, releasing many platinum records, however, regardless of all the label's success, the Feds assumed that much of their money involved in starting the company came from Irv Gotti and his associates involvement in Organized Crime, mainly drug dealing. Gotti was associated with Drug Lord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff from Queens, who was incarcerated at the time, who was a major investor in the start up of Murder Inc. The record label was put out of business, and Kal found himself incarcerated once again. Sentenced to 10 year's for conspiracy to distribute 250/500K.
Dawson was released in 2011 after Obama passed the law, that no one will be convicted without any evidence, which they had none on Kal.
It wasn't hard for Dawson to jump right back on the scene being he kept in contact with his old connects while incarcerated, and this was in fact how he implemented KDMT " Kal Dawson Management Team LLC. and recently became President of DBR Record Label. Kal has been back in the game since 2011 working with Grammy- Award Winner's, such as Mr. Cheeks, from the Lost Boyz musical Group, and is also known for the work that he has done with Spinderella, Former DJ for Salt-n-Pepper, and currently the Manager to Ty Statz, and Jason, lead singer from Soul For Real, Kal is also known for working side by side with Stevie J, and Seven, the list of names continue on.
You can also find Kal Dawson, working on a few reality shows as well as Love and Hip Hop, however Dawson's talent doesn't end there, he has been known to act as well, on channels such as "Starz" original series "Power" and "Big Rich Town" by Curtis Jackson "50 cent" Executive Producer.
Kal took this time to show love to Ty Statz, "and not because I'm his Manager either, he's one of the hardest Artist I know" Nicki Minaj, 50 cent, Bobby Garcia, Lakiesha Jesters, and R&B Singer Zenia who can be found performing in Morocco and Germany.

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