Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Keeping Up With The Kardashian's And All Their Bullshit, Has Become A Strain On Some Of Us Americans, They Had A Good Run, But Now It's Time To Walk That Show To The Curb And Sit It Out To Be Picked Up On Trash Day!!!!!

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Looks like baby number two for Kim Kardashian, just may be a repeat of her first pregnancy with North, or a little bit worse! Kim swore after being PG. with North that if she ever got pregnant again, that she would absolutely watch what she ate and take better care of herself to ensure that she would not have the same problems she did while carrying her daughter, Well it appears that she lied.
While she insist that she has only gained all of 20 pounds by her fifth month, close friends are stating that she is in complete denial about that.. quotes "Star Magazine"
" She has definitely gained way more then that, and she is just halfway through this pregnancy," stated a long time friend, who wouldn't be shocked if Kim ultimately surges right past the 185 lbs, she reportedly reached right before delivering her first child...
Sources are stating the reason for her weight gain, is: she simply can't stop swallowing everything she she's, this coming from an insider.
And it's not as simple as the usual craving's that pregnant women typically have either, KK, is on a binge spree with baby number two.
Kim has made claims that she has learned her lesson and is taking extreme good care of herself, however.. The proof is in her weight gain, I mean her ass has spread so far and apart.. She claims that she does not want her baby to be unhealthy, "Yet she is not looking after herself at all," claims a friend.

 "This time I have a nutritionist to keep me healthy," Kim stated. Well you just may need to retire that person Kim, because surly you are not getting your money's worth out of this nutritionist. Sure in your first trimester you were keeping your weight down to a minimum, however could that be attributed to morning sickness??
People who know Kim is stating that sure she is insatiable " her healthy eating lasted all of two weeks!" tells a friend "Food is her arch enemy, it always has been, and always will be. She just does not have any control over her eating habits," with this child.. lack of determination is only a small part of the problem.
Meanwhile Her mother Kris Jenner, wants her to continue to pack on the pounds, all in the name of ratings, Swear all that women sees is dollar signs and meal tickets, it would be nice to see her take a sincere roll in both Rob's and Kim's weight gain and not just for television purposes!! Enough with the tear's Kris, we all know by now, that for you.. Your children mean a check..

This is now why you are going to exploit Kylie's relationship with Tyga.. Now that she is 18, why not make a quick buck off of that relationship as well and bring him on to the show?? I guess, anything that get's you paid.. Sad if you really think about it..really it is.
As for Kim and her dramatic weight gain.. I don't know what all the hype is about.. as we all know money can buy just about anything, so why would weight loss be any different for her.. being that her whole career has solely been based on her looks and how many men she can bed.. as 50 cents once sang "Many Men" but in her case that term is used with fun intended! Good thing Mr.West finally made a honest women out of her. As for her weight gain:
Wellsink for one isn't shocked that Kim would allow her weight to plummet out of control.. she can buy it off  just as soon as the baby is born! So here is what we have to say to it all... Whoooooooo Cares!!??
  With all that's going on in this family, Bruce becoming Caitlyn, Tyga's relationship with Kylie now being exploited on the reality show, Scott Disick, just being an all out Dick to our favorite Kardashian of them all.. Kourtney..,Khloe all out lying on Lamar, and failing to mention that she too, likes jumping from Balls to ball player, and we ARE being funny in saying that!!

 and with Kendall being quote UN-quote cheated on by one of the Jonas brother's.. I mean some of us our literally, tired of "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" it's just way too damn much for T.V. !!
Good luck with the weight gain or weight loss as well as your pregnancy Kim.. Your fans are hoping that it all work's out for the best!
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