Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Keeping Up With The Kardashian's And All Their Bullshit, Has Become A Strain On Some Of Us Americans, They Had A Good Run, But Now It's Time To Walk That Show To The Curb And Sit It Out To Be Picked Up On Trash Day!!!!!

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Looks like baby number two for Kim Kardashian, just may be a repeat of her first pregnancy with North, or a little bit worse! Kim swore after being PG. with North that if she ever got pregnant again, that she would absolutely watch what she ate and take better care of herself to ensure that she would not have the same problems she did while carrying her daughter, Well it appears that she lied.
While she insist that she has only gained all of 20 pounds by her fifth month, close friends are stating that she is in complete denial about that.. quotes "Star Magazine"
" She has definitely gained way more then that, and she is just halfway through this pregnancy," stated a long time friend, who wouldn't be shocked if Kim ultimately surges right past the 185 lbs, she reportedly reached right before delivering her first child...
Sources are stating the reason for her weight gain, is: she simply can't stop swallowing everything she she's, this coming from an insider.
And it's not as simple as the usual craving's that pregnant women typically have either, KK, is on a binge spree with baby number two.
Kim has made claims that she has learned her lesson and is taking extreme good care of herself, however.. The proof is in her weight gain, I mean her ass has spread so far and apart.. She claims that she does not want her baby to be unhealthy, "Yet she is not looking after herself at all," claims a friend.

 "This time I have a nutritionist to keep me healthy," Kim stated. Well you just may need to retire that person Kim, because surly you are not getting your money's worth out of this nutritionist. Sure in your first trimester you were keeping your weight down to a minimum, however could that be attributed to morning sickness??
People who know Kim is stating that sure she is insatiable " her healthy eating lasted all of two weeks!" tells a friend "Food is her arch enemy, it always has been, and always will be. She just does not have any control over her eating habits," with this child.. lack of determination is only a small part of the problem.
Meanwhile Her mother Kris Jenner, wants her to continue to pack on the pounds, all in the name of ratings, Swear all that women sees is dollar signs and meal tickets, it would be nice to see her take a sincere roll in both Rob's and Kim's weight gain and not just for television purposes!! Enough with the tear's Kris, we all know by now, that for you.. Your children mean a check..

This is now why you are going to exploit Kylie's relationship with Tyga.. Now that she is 18, why not make a quick buck off of that relationship as well and bring him on to the show?? I guess, anything that get's you paid.. Sad if you really think about it..really it is.
As for Kim and her dramatic weight gain.. I don't know what all the hype is about.. as we all know money can buy just about anything, so why would weight loss be any different for her.. being that her whole career has solely been based on her looks and how many men she can bed.. as 50 cents once sang "Many Men" but in her case that term is used with fun intended! Good thing Mr.West finally made a honest women out of her. As for her weight gain:
Wellsink for one isn't shocked that Kim would allow her weight to plummet out of control.. she can buy it off  just as soon as the baby is born! So here is what we have to say to it all... Whoooooooo Cares!!??
  With all that's going on in this family, Bruce becoming Caitlyn, Tyga's relationship with Kylie now being exploited on the reality show, Scott Disick, just being an all out Dick to our favorite Kardashian of them all.. Kourtney..,Khloe all out lying on Lamar, and failing to mention that she too, likes jumping from Balls to ball player, and we ARE being funny in saying that!!

 and with Kendall being quote UN-quote cheated on by one of the Jonas brother's.. I mean some of us our literally, tired of "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" it's just way too damn much for T.V. !!
Good luck with the weight gain or weight loss as well as your pregnancy Kim.. Your fans are hoping that it all work's out for the best!

Friday, August 21, 2015

#Have You Heard: WWE, Superstar, Natalya. Want's To Mangle Kim And Khloe Kardashian In The Ring, Wellsink Say's Go For It!!!!Nat!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Have You Heard: That WWE Natalya, wants to Tag team Kim and Khloe Kardashian? Wellsink says's go for it girl!!


  Get both of them in that ring and man handled them broads!! Hey Nat, while you got them both in the ring.. Slam they ass Hard!! One time for Wellsink, it's no secret that the CEO, creator and Founder of Wellsink, really hates those two!! Good luck with that Nat!! Surly our money would have to go on Natalya.. Because the only thing these Kardashian duo's are good for is being on their backs.. It'll be quite a switch and quite funny to see them thrown on them!! Something Wellsink could only hope and pray for.. Well, wishful thinking..Lol!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Can't Even Smell The Pussy!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Loneliness causes pain, and isolation eats away at the soul.. I guess my sister called it right when she said abandonment.. Will make you sell your soul.. For riches or fame just to ease the pain.. Look into my eyes and look real deep, I'm real like funny bout the company I keeps!! I use to be a sweet heart now I'm just mad.. bout all the shit I did or didn't have!!
My heart is bitter and to the goddamn core.. Playing Miss nice bitch..Nope, not no more.. Changing faces to appease the people, but you'll never call me transparent or see through!!

Beginning to understand why they did it all, when your shit begins to crumble.. Let me be the last bitch you call.. To that Jkat that rides fa "The King's of Cali" remember you punk bitch, you can run all you want, but your somebody's daddy, pound the ground, pay them dues.. Here is what I have to say to you..Fuck you!! and all you represent.. Fuck GAWD.. by the the time I'm done with you.. It's me you have to repent..

I guess I said it, and it came out of my mouth!! eatin on pussy is all your about.. let me get the bleach so you can wash that mouth out!! Yep, it's time fa me to go all the way bad.. wanna neglect my babies?? and I was the best you neva had.. Now take out ah cigarette and smoke on that fag..

You mark ass bustah's done crossed the wrong line... Whatchew mean what took me so long?? Trick I'm right on time.. To that mark.. That's like drivin'.. from like state to state, only hopped on ma line , thinkin' you gone eat off my plate.. I told you to rush not walk me down to the clinic.. I didn't wantcha dick even when you was up in it!! Now it's time to put you on blast, I made you drive trucks witcha sorry ass!! Remember when you lived wit cho mama and daddy , ridin' around town in ya daddy's caddy!! Now you swear your so clean and way brand new.. but fareal?? You still ain't shit though.. sleepin in ya truck, bare backin real hoes.. Well..well..well.. I got news like channel 2, them busted lot lizzards can have all of you!!

I'm done!!You fake, you lier, you phony, you fraud.. Hope ah Mack truck, hit's you and that broad!! I wish nothing but bad on yo yuke mouth ass!! Will you ever fuck again??? Hell Naw!!! I pass.. The most you can lust after this ass.. You mark ass bitch, can't even smell the pussy.. fuck them aligator big mark ass wussy!!!!!Play pussy with me.. Nigga you WILL get fucked.. Find ah real bitch like me????... Yeaa..Good luck!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Domestic Violence Strikes Again! And This Time, It Hit's Home For Hollywood!!

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Actor, Morgan Freeman's granddaughter, E'Dena Hines, was brutally attacked by her alleged boyfriend Lamar Davenport on Sunday.. Stabbed 15 times in the back and torso, report's have stated.

Davenport has  been arrested and due back in court Aug. 21.
Hines did not survive the attack. We here at Wellsink is sending out prayer's to the Morgan family and friend's.

 Another beautiful life taken by a sick and deranged individual.. Rest in peace E'Dena, you will be missed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Lemme Jog Ya Memory"

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Hey there, How ya Doin, Tell me do ya rememba me? If not..Think back.. Lemma jog ya memory,
Ima dat bitch that go bad, Neva miss wotcha neva had..time ta take notes..getcha pad, when I'm done don't look sad..
Meta jkat that wasn't bout shid from the car he drove to his residence, his situation didn't make sense,still livin wit his elderly parents!
I,met anotha as time went by..all the nigga did was tell a lie, riddle me dis riddle me dat..tired of fukin wit dez Ole jkats!
Met anotha nigga that had no clue, nigga walkin round his balls still blue, now go tell you click how I didn't fuck you! Hahaha.. Look like atchew look stuck like glue! Now you mad because you got played, spent up yo,money neva got laid!
Ima pimp.. Nigga I gets paid.. where I'm from that's called a trick, spend yo money and still don't stick..
Boi yo game ain't too tight,fumblin like "Romo" boi you aiight?
Hahaha... Bout ta say goodnight,....
Whew..shit don't I feel free, feel so good just being ke....
Just had ta jog yo memory!!

Put That Snake To Rest!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter!

                            Put That Snake To Rest 

Tip toe as I enter in this room. Dressed in black the shadow of doom- click clak.. Click clak.. what you gone do with that bat?,, got you up against the wall-wouldn't think a bitch like me.. had the fuckin' balls- the grand reaper is here write your will on this wall.. 
You stole from me now its my turn to steal from you.. got this thread wrapped round ya neck so tight..time to put ya azz to sleep on this  night.. don't kick- don't scream SSHHH.. Don't fight.. your eyes poppin' out.. the skull of ya head-blast you once ln ya chest all I see is red- torture you first.. I don't want you dead! Blwow..blwow.. to both ya damn knees.. 
I let the thread go.. you slump to the flow-dnt kill me bitch please- shut the fuck up.. is what I chant.. back smashing his head in with his steel plated bat..You stole from me bitch.. you shouldn't have done that..death in the eyes.. anger written on the face.. its time for you to take your place.. with the rest of the snakes that slither on earth..time to get carried away in.. that black, heavy hurst! Breath in slow.. its your last breath- blwow blwow again put that snake 2 rest!

Friday, August 14, 2015

#Have You Heard Michael Sam!?

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

#Have You Heard: Michael Sam States he's quitting Football? And this time for good!!

Sam is worried about his mental state, so he's leaving football..Again, this comes one week after openly admitting he is gay..

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lamar Odom Goes Off On Tmz!! And Wellsink Goes Off On Khloe Whoredashian..Opps Kardashian

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Lamar Odom, goes off on TMZ, Khloe Kardashian is a lier!! Lamar is a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.. He did not ambush Khloe, like her and the rest of the media is trying to make it out to be. She is trying to throw shade on this man.. And he is hurt, stating that "Khloe know's what really happened, but for some reason will not go public to clear his name" I have a question for you people that love to see the African American men in the Entertainment world doing bad.. How do you think Odom came to be in the same place at the same time Khloe was at?? Hmmm?? there had to be some form of communication right?
I am sick and tired of this, Lamar made a valid point.. Why doesn't TMZ go after the Brad Pitts, The Leo's, it surly appears that they have been targeted!! It saddens my heart that this broad claimed to be so much in love with my boy and now all of a sudden she is doing everything in her power to make him look bad!! So what if he does drugs..he isn't the only one in Hollywood that does, I mean when will it end!!
Khloe, I really dislike you, Hey I have an idea..How about you get on television and publicly come forward with all the nasty little secrets about your own family.. Lamar won't do it because he still feels some type away about you but I could care less about you or all the men you keep running through looking for love..Why don't you tell the people that you really are not a Kardashian, that your mother stepped out on Rob, and doesn't know who your father is!!!!!!!!! If you continue to put Lamar through the ringer.. I will continue to ride your ass like white on rice!! Yea, I said it! I'm about sick of you..That's why French Montana dogged your lame ass! Girl bye! Go find out who your father is.. Real Rap!
I'd love for you to respond, all the money in the world couldn't make me back off you now!! And if you don't have Lamar's back.. I do. Regardless of what his life situation is!

Murder Inc. The Rise And Fall Of Former President, Kal Dawson And How He Clawed His Way Back To The Top!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

 Kal Dawson, Former President Of Murder Inc. Record Label, Comes back with a vengeance, and he comes back swinging hard!!

Kal originates from the South side of Jamaica Queens, New York, growing up with his mother who was a New York, Police Officer. Dawson was no stranger to the streets, nor the dope game either, that he had been greatly influenced by at an early age, with his father being a heroin drug lord.
In the early 80's Kal became affiliated with the uncle of Curtis Jackson "50 cent" and before long was introduced to the man himself "50" and from that point on, a long lasting friendship had developed between the two.
It was at a very early age that Dawson found himself drawn to the Baisley Houses, Crack Distributing Organization, other known as the "Supreme Team" with Kal being one of the many dealers. Dawson learned early on that the life he was living would only lead to one of two thing's: Dead or incarcerated and neither of those options he was not prepared to take. It was at that time that he had taken on the roll of A&R at Def Jam Record Label. In the year of 2000, one evening while him and 50 had been out, upon arrival to Curtis Jackson's "50 cent" grandmother's home, a man approached the driver side of the vehicle that 50 had been driving, and began to open fire.. Kal was shot in the leg, arm, as well as his head. Doctor's informed Dawson that had the weapon that was used had been just a bit more powerful, he would not of survived the brutal attack.
Two day's after being discharged from the hospital, he went underground stating that " he needed answers" People were saying that the man who opened fire on the two was someone from Murder Inc. However Kal knew nothing could be further from the truth as he was employed by the label. Later finding out, it was someone who had beef with 50.
Kal became an inspiration for all to see. Shortly after Dawson's recovery he became the President of Murder Inc. Record's, that was owned by Irv Gotti, and the company reached sky rocketing levels, signing such names like Ja-Rule, Ashanti, Lloyd, and Charlie Baltimore. Murder Inc. played a huge roll in launching these careers.
The label grew huge in name, releasing many platinum records, however, regardless of all the label's success, the Feds assumed that much of their money involved in starting the company came from Irv Gotti and his associates involvement in Organized Crime, mainly drug dealing. Gotti was associated with Drug Lord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff from Queens, who was incarcerated at the time, who was a major investor in the start up of Murder Inc. The record label was put out of business, and Kal found himself incarcerated once again. Sentenced to 10 year's for conspiracy to distribute 250/500K.
Dawson was released in 2011 after Obama passed the law, that no one will be convicted without any evidence, which they had none on Kal.
It wasn't hard for Dawson to jump right back on the scene being he kept in contact with his old connects while incarcerated, and this was in fact how he implemented KDMT " Kal Dawson Management Team LLC. and recently became President of DBR Record Label. Kal has been back in the game since 2011 working with Grammy- Award Winner's, such as Mr. Cheeks, from the Lost Boyz musical Group, and is also known for the work that he has done with Spinderella, Former DJ for Salt-n-Pepper, and currently the Manager to Ty Statz, and Jason, lead singer from Soul For Real, Kal is also known for working side by side with Stevie J, and Seven, the list of names continue on.
You can also find Kal Dawson, working on a few reality shows as well as Love and Hip Hop, however Dawson's talent doesn't end there, he has been known to act as well, on channels such as "Starz" original series "Power" and "Big Rich Town" by Curtis Jackson "50 cent" Executive Producer.
Kal took this time to show love to Ty Statz, "and not because I'm his Manager either, he's one of the hardest Artist I know" Nicki Minaj, 50 cent, Bobby Garcia, Lakiesha Jesters, and R&B Singer Zenia who can be found performing in Morocco and Germany.

If you would like to submit your music to Kal Dawson please E-Mail Music to

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How Many More Lives Will Domestic Violence Continue To Take Before The American People Begin To Take A Stance?!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

She hear's the footsteps of her abuser walk heavily up the stairs, as she runs into the restroom and locks the door afraid of what's coming next!! His footsteps can be heard as he quickly approaches the restroom she had just tucked herself safely in.. "Bitch, I am going to kill you are the words that he spat next from his mouth" He then kicks open the door and begins to beat on her, she suffers a brutal beating that ultimately turns into her unfortunate death.

Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, often including the threat or use of violence towards another person.
Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone at any given time and does not discriminate against man, woman, nor child.
Domestic violence occurs in 1 in 4 women in their lifetime, women ages 18-34 are more prone to domestic violence and are at greater risk of becoming victims of DV. More then 4 million women experience physical assault and rape by their partners, and 1 and 3 females homicide victims are murdered by their current or former partner every year.

The effects of DV can often have some victims facing higher rates of depression, loss of sleep, anxiety, flashbacks, and other emotional disturbances.
Most DV cases go unreported due to fear of the abuse being even greater by the hands of their abuser..
On Tuesday, August. 4th, 2015 in Los Angeles, California DV hit home for Wellsink, when a woman by the name of Desirae Jenkins, from Warren. Ohio was gunned downed by her boyfriend who then after turned the gun on himself and ended his life as well.. Were there any signs being displayed to Desirae's family that could have possibly saved her life? The answer to that question is probably not. One who is suffering through DV can often more then not be ashamed that she is in fact being abused and will truly keep that to herself in fear of her family member's getting involved and making matter's worse..

How could this tragic incident could have been avoided? In most DV cases, these are the questions that the people want answer's to.. How many more lives have to be taken before we the people realize that this is a serious matter that need's to be addressed, and not with kid gloves either..

if you or someone you know and love may be suffering from domestic violence, there are people here to help, please get help and if your afraid of the backlash, you can always contact 800.621.HOPE
(4673) Anonymously

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...