Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Meet Robert Raya, The Man Behind The Scene's At Hot 97.5 KVEGAS!!

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Have you ever wondered who calls the shot's behind any film, or music video? or simply who's behind the scene of it all? Well, Wellsink knows, and would like to take you behind the scenes with Robert Raya from Hot 97.5 KVegas.
Last Tuesday, Wellsink, had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Robert Raya from Hot 97.5 KVegas, and he shared some very interesting things with us.
Robert, originates from California and has always had a passion for music.
Raya, knew early on that he had a passion for music, and got a real feel for the music industry when he first started with "Street Team" it was at that time that Robert decided to move forward and flow with it. Currently Robert Raya, is the "Promotions Director for Hot 97.5 KVegas,and has been in the business of radio for the past 10 years.
Wellsink wanted to know just who or what it was that had inspired his love for the music genre and he simply had this to say " A lot of people in the industry inspired me, with Sherita Saulsberry, (Program Director) being one," Raya went on to say, that since getting into the field of radio, that he has learned a lot from his colleagues as well as the artist that randomly pop in to the studio from time to time, just to show love.
There are some people out there who have a passion and desire to fulfill their every dream and desire and Robert made his dream come alive from the very beginning. He put himself in a very good position from the start! He had a dream and he pursued it until he got the outcome he was looking for.
Raya, stated he never expected to be in radio, but he knew he loved music "It basically fell in my lap, and I took the ball and ran with it" For anyone out there trying to break down those industry doors, Robert Raya is the perfect example of how you can do and be anything you want to be as long as you have the drive and a passion for what you love to do, "I thank GOD, that someone recognized my talents early on," Raya stated
Wellsink, couldn't resist the urge.. we had to know what it was like having the "ORIGINAL" Hip Hop Chef Tye, in the building Here in Vegas on fight night "Tye is a great guy, he's welcome here anytime, although we didn't get a chance to do a food tasting while he was here, with his cookbook coming out soon, I'm sure we'll get a chance to do excatly that," Robert said
For those of you wanting to know Hot 97.5 KVegas also has sister stations that you can tune in and listen to as well Hot AC Q106.9 as well as Talk Sports on Yahoo Sports 670am. So if your not getting an ear full already on Hot 97.5 KVegas, then you can easily tune in to one of their sister stations that have been listed above.
As for any events going on about town that you feel may interest you, Well Hot 97.5 has been rated the top radio station here in Las Vegas, so why wouldn't they have the scoop on all the hottest events going on in and around the Vegas area? What you can expect this summer is a "50k Summer Give Away" where every hour of every day, of the remaining of the summer they will be giving away $100 so make sure your hitting those lines up for that cash give away, and if that isn't enough to have you dancing on Hot 97.5 KVegas front lawn, then maybe this will Hot 97.5 
will also be promoting a back to school event Aug.2,2015 at the Thomas and Mac center featuring performers such as, K.C. Veggies, Silento, as well as Samantha J. Be there or be square, why be left out in the cold when you have the heat from Sin City and Hot 97.5 KVEGAS to keep you warm!!

Music may be submitted in person during business hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm. Music can not be dropped off on the weekends nor holidays. Music must be edited for broadcast, including the exclusion of defamatory,profane, or indecent language. Music music not contain lyrics regarding  drugs or gangs, music may not be no longer then four minutes.
For more information, please contact the following,
Hot 97.5 KVEG
3999 Las Vegas Blvd. S Suite K
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
(702) 736-6161
Fx: (702) 736-2986
Contest/Request Line: (702) 320-5834
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