Monday, July 6, 2015

Kourtney Kardashian Finally Does What She Should Of Done Long Ago And Disses Scott Disick By Sending Him On His Way, And This Time We Hope It's For Good!!

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It seems as if the drama between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick has finally come to an immediate halt, according to TMZ, the couple of nine year's have separated due to Disick's wild, partying, ways.
However, we here at Wellsink, would like to suggest that the separation has a little bit more to do with his partying..
There have been several rumors floating around in regards to Scott's indiscretions as well. It has been stated by "In Touch Magazine" that Disick had reportedly slept with Kourtney's sister's both Khloe as well as Kylie.. but here is where thing's get a whole lot of shady, allegedly, Kylie is pregnant and it isn't Tyga's, according to "InTouch Magazine" Scott Disick is the pappy of that baby, and if this turns out to be true... This could very well be the reason that the two have called it quits!! Wouldn't you?

The couple of nine year's, and three children, with one on the way, have aired their dirty laundry as seen on "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" time and time again, Kourt hasn't been happy with Scott's behavior at all! And it's about time that the relationship has come to an immediate end.

Although you won't see Kourtney Kardashian, laying around in her pj's, gobbling down bon bon's, in distress over Disick, life continues to move on for this vivacious Kardashian, because Kourtney spent her Fourth of July weekend with her children, posing for festival pictures, her spirit seems to be soaring high throughout all the B.S. that's going on, and not just with their current situation, With Bruce reinventing himself as a woman and everything else that the world doesn't know about. This family appears to have it all together, however as the month's turn into years.. We continue to see the thread of this family fall apart at the seams, and Wellsink for one, is glad that Kourtney put her big girl panties on and told Disick to kick rocks with open toe shoe's on.. Kudos to you girl!!
As I mentioned in an earlier blog, your a very beautiful, talented, woman.. You don't need to babysit Scott, he is a grown man and capable of making Big boy choices and if he chooses to loose the best thing that he has ever had.. Well then Kourtney, it's his lost not yours!! Keep loving on your children and doing what's best for you and yours.We here at Wellsink, wish you all the love and happiness that you deserve!!

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