Sunday, June 21, 2015

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It's Father's Day, and we here at Wellsink, can almost assure you that it's been alot of women screaming to the top of their lung's.. Phuck a Father's day right?? Well before we go throwing all of our good men under the bus, let's take a moment to appreciate the men in this world that are doing a stand up job at taking care of their home and families, I'm quite sure that not all men are bad apples, not playing their part, or just deadbeat's! I think when we dive into the topic of fatherhood, so many thing's come in to the mind's of many women.. Like "Why does he deserve, a happy Father's Day?" What has he done for his child or the one I really like is.."Why should he be praised for doing something women have been left to do on their own for centuries"
Yes, it is true that more often then not, you'll find the father of your child living and eating off of you and maybe, just maybe you have granted him the wish of driving your car while your slaving away at a 9-5.
This type of man is the type of man that will sit at home, cook, clean, you know, The kind that does everything a woman does and more.. I personally hate this type of man.. Ladies, he's only in it for the ride and too lazy to work on himself, instead, he'd rather you work on him, the kids, the car, the job and whatever else it is he may need from you to keep him happy.
Those are the type of father's I wouldn't breath my hot breath on, to even waste my energy in saying happy Father's Day to.
Here is where we as women go wrong.. Let's be mad at who we are in fact mad at! If the father of your child is doing all he can for his and yours.. Well then I'm sorry to say ladies, if your not treating him like the KING he in fact is, then maybe the problem is with you!
As I stated earlier, their are in fact plenty of excellent father's that have taken an active part in their child's life or at least trying to, that is when the mother isn't on some type of tyrant on why he can't see his child!! One thing that's for certain is.. Today, this Sunday is Father's Day and We here at Wellsink, salutes, every, single, last, one of you!!
Throughout all the B.S. and bad reps men get, we commend you!! It's not easy being a parent period, so for those of you in the fight to love, cherish, and raise your children.. Keep doing what's best for your child/children not what the mother of your child thinks is best.. Be the Best man you can be!! And never ever try and be anything more or less then that..
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