Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Kardashian's Keep It All In The Family, By Sleeping With Kourtney's Man, Scott Disick!! Just Out Right Nasty!!

It's not enough that Kim's claim to fame has to do with alot of her spreading her leg's and a whole lot less to do with her talent, by the way, the people are still wondering just what that talent may be.. Some may say that the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree when it comes to sleeping around on top...(Oops) I meant, sleeping her way to the top.. Now to add to that embarrassment.. According to "In Touch Magazine," Not only has Khloe slept with Kourt's boyfriend ( The classiest of the Kardashian Klan) of nine years, Scott Disick, But so has Kylie!!! Say what? come again??! isn't she all of 17 years-of-age? and if this is in fact true.. Why are we simply just shaking our head's at this shameful act and not prosecuting Scott? Because after all Kylie is still in fact a minor.. Nevertheless.. Kourtney is outraged , as she should be!!

Allegedly Kourtney stayed up to the sun light almost rose one night waiting to confront the father of her three small children, according to a second insider. And once he walked through those door's.. Kk.. Ripped him a new ass "I can't believe you slept with my sisters!' she yelled, scaring the holy shid out of him" reportedly, there had been a lot of tears.. At some point Scott had to have known his gig was up and had been caught red handed. Now.."Dis.ick" (Pun Intended!) Not only are you a horrible father, but your an even worse Boyfriend.. It wasn't bad enough that you slept with a baby, barely touching womanhood, but you slept with not one but two of Kourtney's sister's!!

With this bit of knowledge floating around in Kourt's head, how will she ever be able to have that close relationship that she and Khloe once shared again? How will she ever be able to look at Kylie as her sweet, innocent, younger sister again, the way she once use to? She won't !! Maybe in time Kourtney will learn how to forgive all parties involved... in time.. But Wellsink, will almost assure you that that will be a long time coming!! A man will come and go.. But sister's.. Sister's are supposed to know better and know that off top there is a line..NO MATTER WHAT, YOU ABSOLUTELY do not cross!!

Wellsink, heart goes out to Kourtney.. Our favorite Kardashian!! Keep your head held high, Keep that pretty smile on your face.. and know this!! You are beautiful and Scott Disick, well he'll be replaced!! As for your sister's, that's a touchy personal matter that only you can deal with and come to your own understanding of how you must deal with those two.. But as for you.. Do whatever you need to do to stay strong for your little ones! Keep being the best mother that you already are!! We love you Kourtney Kardashian.


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