Monday, May 4, 2015

Seth Gilliam,Other Known As Gabrielle , The Priest From Wallking Dead, Arrested For Pot, Triple Digit Speeding, As Well As DUI!!

Seth Gilliam, "The Walking Dead" Star was arrested for speeding down a Georgia Highway, going 107mph, not only was Gilliam speeding but he was also caught in possession of a joint of Maryjane, early Sunday Morning.. Seth who plays a priest on "The Walking Dead" may be in need of a little prayer himself.
Once pulled over Authorities, had asked Gilliam if he had been drinking, and it just may have been the priest in him that compelled him to be  completely honest with Peachtree City P.D.
Police have stated that Seth blew in a 107 blood alcohol level!! He was at that time arrested and taken in to custody, where he later  post bond for $9,818..
Maybe Gilliam was trying to escape the Coward roles he is always being placed in, first "OZ" and now the pitiful simp he now plays on "The Walking Dead" Let's hope the alcohol you've consumed gives you a bit of a heart Seth and maybe now in realityville you have grown a pair of balls!!
Hey Seth.. Good luck with all of that.
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