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J-DUB Won't Go Down As Being The Underdog, But Will Show The World How He Intend's To Rise To The Occasion!!

Do you know how it feels to rise to thee occasion, when you've felt all has been lost? Well J-Dub knows exactly how that feels and is living proof, that once a person puts their mind to it ... There's nothing you can not do!
J-DUB, grew up on the street's of Chicago, however is now living out his dream's in Mccomb, Mississippi, where he takes the stage this Saturday, May 9, at the "Mccomb State Theater" along side Will Gatlin. Portia, Orlando "GoJonesJr," and Hosted by Funny Man Meek, with a live recording for BET..
J-DUB has been a performer all of 27 years, with his first performance being at the age of eight years-of-age, where he took front and center stage at his family reunion held in Arkansas, he recalled.With Micheal Jackson being his greatest influence as well as inspiration , this young man would surely blossom into a vibrant song bird.

This up and coming artist considers himself to be Bi-Genre, Meaning: he leaves the door open for genres such as Pop, Gospel, Hip~Hop, as well as R&B! with J-Dub's latest performance back in Dec,2014. For the
'Service Benefit For MCcomb, Mississippi" where he was in company of  NFL's Former Running Back, Deuce Mcallister.
Currently you can find J-Dub in the studio working on his new album "Train Perfection" but don't quote "Wellsink" on that title because as of late.. Nothing has been set in stone, However, it won't be long before we hear those actual lyrics and the engraved title, because he is in fact, half way through the album.

As J-Dub and Wellsink dove deeper into the conversation pool of his career as well as his career path, he paused for a moment, and all you heard was silence for a brief moment, and the next words Dub let fall from his lips were "Micheal Jackson had written Train Perfection, on every mirror of each home he lived in? That's engraved on my heart as well,"
That was a time for Wellsink to reflect on all he had spoken on thus far, It was heartfelt, and at that moment you could feel the desire and passion he had for his craft.

Currently, J-Dub , has collaborations with "Will Gatlin, and Portia, and in the not so distant past , has also collaborated with such names as "Cat Cole,The Mississippi Blues Child" and up and coming Singer/Guitarist.. and is now looking forward to doing a collaboration with B-Hype The Verbal, with Twista's Label "GMG" Get Money Gang for those of you that don't know. Dub has stated that he is not in fact signed to any major labels, however he did go on to say that before it's all said and done with.. He looks to be the newest member of " Will Gatlin's Label, WGMG.
When asked by Wellsink, just how hard or easy for him to break through those industry door's.. he had alot to say " It's been hard to get to this point in my career, it was a long-road, with technology revolutionizing everything, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Reverbnation.. and with a record label, I trusted, moving to Long Beach, California, assuming that I would be able to make that transition with them." That didn't happen. What did happen, was, Dub had gotten his first real taste of just how cruel the player's of this Industry can be.

Three year's had gone by and it was now 2010, that was when a bolt of lighting a jolt if you will had awakend him and he was now, ready to show the world just what he was made of with his album "Birth"
He wanted that label to know that, "Birth" would be better then anything he had ever done with that company and would rise above any occasion, because after all.. He had now, a renewed faith in himself!
The advice Dub is dishing out today to Artist trying to break through those steel, bolted, industry door's is to believe in the person that looks back at you in the mirror on a daily basis "Sure.. you can have 100's of people that believe in you, and you will have ups as well as downs, but it all boils down to you.. the Artist.. Believe in yourself, and know that every artist and entertainer you hear on the radio or see on television.. are just as real as you! If you can believe it you will achieve it!"

J-Dub, concluded this interview with Wellsink by giving great recognition to those he feels have made a huge impact on his life, B-Hype The Verbal, with GMG Label, WGMG, Shaconda Walker, "Kojack," Will Gatlin, as well as "WAiL LIFE ENT"
With so much that this young, Talented man has gone through within the last few years, beginning with the UN-timely death of the mother of his children- To the "Unnamed" label leaving Dub out in the cold!!
J-Dub is sure to be a Southern Delight, as well as a shinning star nation wide!! Keep your eye's peeled open and your ear's turnt all the way up, because Ready..Set.. Go... J-Dub is coming..

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