Monday, May 11, 2015

Has America Seen The Last Of American Idol?!! And Zimmerman Injured In Possible Road Rage, That Ended In Gunfire?!!!?

Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, seems to think so .. stating that "it was time" American Idol will run one more season before the Network puts this show to bed and buries it for good.. With Stars such as "Fantasia and "Ruben Studdard" making their rise after winning the show, it will be sad to see it go.
Lythgoe, who has been  Executive Producer while the show has been running, clearly stated that " leaving now, will enhance the shows legacy" Really? We'll see just how true that statement is soon enough..

In other News, it appears that George Zimmerman, has had another fall out, and his punk azz was not injured in the shooting, that appears to have been road rage on the trigger happy, guy's part! Zimmerman's lawyer has stated to TMZ, that the two men, just may not be strangers. On Monday night in Lake Mary, Fl where Zimmerman lives, authorities were called to respond to a road rage incident.
Zimmerman told his lawyer that the trigger man looked like someone he once had a run in with.. Of course George was not stuck by any bullet's..(Damn, wishful thinking) However, his truck was left with a bullet hole in the front passenger side window.. Who gives a shit!! wish the bullet would have struck his ass, it would have served him right.. You know George? Karma does this funny thing, It comes back around, and one day.. Karma's gonna get that ass!! Just you wait and see.
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