Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chris Brown, Not So Happy About Finding, A Nude Unknown Woman In His Bed, After Returning Home From Vegas!!

Females often go above and beyond for a mere glimpse or a simple touch by one of their beloved celebrities, Chris Brown, may be no different, after being in Vegas for a short period of time.. He returned to his Agoura Hills,home located in California, to find a woman in his bed, Now any other man would have been elated and maybe even erect to find a beautiful, naked woman waiting for him to return home.. Not Chris, as a matter of fact, he had no clue who the woman was that had been Just posted up in his crib when he returned form Las Vegas.

The woman even went as far as to writing "I love you" in sray paint all over his kitchen counter, and even took it a little further by vandalizing his Range Roover, by spray painting Mrs. Brown over it.
You know CB instantly called the cops and the crazy itch!! Was swiftly taken into coustody. Authorities believe that the un-named woman was in her very early twenties.

Man talk about a fatal attraction, this woman had to have been casing the joint prior to her making the bold attempt to break then enter his home, Fortunate enough for her Brown kept a level head and didn't jump feet first all over that ass, she could of in fact had every intent on hurting this man and ending his life, and in which case he would have had every right to stomp a mud puddle through this chic..

Kudos to you Chris, for maintaining your composure, and not going Solange Knowles on that ass!!
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