Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beyonce and Jay Z.. Expecting their Second Child!!? Fact Or Fiction?!!

Beyonce, Pregnant with second child!! and guess what? Jay and Bey are expecting a bouncing baby boy!! Yes, people.. What was thought to be a rumor, has now been confirmed  to "In Touch Magazine!"  "They are both elated," said the insider. The A-listers are currently parents to three-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. And Jay is said to be flying over the moon that their will in fact be another male in the family.. What man wouldn't be happy to know that his name will continue to be lived on by a masculine man?? When they found out the good news, it was like new life was injected into their marriage — Jay is 150 percent invested now."
So exciting!
Wellsink, is elated to know that Jay is now invested in the marriage due to the upcoming birth of his new bundle of joy, however would like to question the way "In Touch Magazine" stated "Now he is 150% invested in his marriage now that Bey is pregnant with a boy" As if he wasn't whole heartily invested before!!
The media continues to speculate on this couple and their marriage.. As if entertainers don't have enough to worry about, then some publication planting seeds in their readers heads.. Wellsink has this to say to "In Touch" if your going to write about the couple and their new bundle of joy.. Make sure you keep your seeds in the garden where they should be and not in the minds of your readers!!
Congratulations to the Carter family! May you continue to grow, live, and love one another!! Keep doing what you've been doing YOU!!
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