Friday, November 28, 2014

Bill Cosby In A Not So Funny Situation..

   Former supermodel Janice Dickinson, has also came forward on November. 18, 2014 to add fuel to an already burning flame.
Telling In Touch Magazine" I'm speaking out for all the women that are too scared or embarrassed by what Bill Cosby did to them"
Dickinson, 59, claims that back in 1982 Cosby also drugged and rapped her claiming that " the last thing she remembered was Bill wearning a patchwork robe and dis-robbing himself and climbing on top of her," said Janice
This in fact was kept out of her Memoir due to her ghost writer, Pablo Fenjves, telling Dickinson that the publishers would not allow that bit of info in the book.
Cosby's Reps are stating that Dickinson's story contradicts what's in the Memoir.
Other women such as Carla Ferrigno, Lou Ferrigno's wife, Therese Serignese, (actress) Louisa Mortiz and Angela Leslie (Nurse) have also come forward with similar allegations against Cosby.
His career is done!! An NBC Sitcom development has been cancelled as well as his scheduled show on November. 28 at the Treasure Island Casino, located in Las Vegas, has also been cancelled as well as T.V. Land pulling all reruns of The Cosby Show off air..
Well.. It sure sucks to be Bill Cosby these days.
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