Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet Jason Swanston, Owner/Creator Of OVNIO Network, Changing The Way You View Television, One Channel At A Time!

Jason originates from Harlem. New York, other known as"Uptown" This 38-year-old business man is making huge leaps and bounds.
At 17-years-of age, Jason began his internship at Columbia. University.
 it was there he learned various software applications, animations, as well as broadcast technology.. Jason has brought to the world, what Mark Walberg brought to the Facebook. A new way that the world is viewing television. While others may be sitting on great ideas, this energetic gentlemen, is busy turning his dreams into a reality. Picture a world of technology, that is able to stream a live event such as a Pro fighting match on down to a live music concert to 120 million mobile phones and an additional 100 million tablets across the world. What a cool idea right? When you combine social networking, pay per view events, and the ability to buy products directly from from a commercials, with little to no buffering at all, You end up with the OVNIO Network. OVNIO, Subscribers, can literally watch live TV from their mobile, tablet, as well as laptop. And just in case you were wondering just what OVNIO stands for.. Well Jason has summed that up into five big words " Open Vision Network International Online" Programs that can currently be found on OVNIO are feature films, documentaries, short films, reality shows, sitcoms, competitions, news, live events and more. Swanston hopped in this game, strapped with the know how and knowledge to get him just where he needs to be, and when asked what was the pivotal moment when Jason knew he was on the right track, he stated " that moment came for me when. CMO, IBM, advised me that my technology was worth, one trillion dollars," Currently, there are over 100 niche channels, including Hip-Hop as well as Country music channels.. To log in to OVNIO, make sure you are utilizing Google Chrome or Fire Fox, Safari users will be readily available Dec 31st.
At the conclusion of this interview, Jason wanted to thank God and all his ancestors that died for trying to read in the early 1800 and 1900's To learn more on steaming a channel on OVINO Please contact and log onto

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