Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is It True That Bruce Jenner, Really Wants To Be A Woman?! By The Looks Of Things, I'd Say So!!

Reportedly, last year in 2013,Bruce Jenner, was in fact, spotted leaving a clinic, after receiving some type of surgery to his throat. Did he in fact go through with the Tracheal Procedure? I mean why else would this famous athlete be all bandage up by the throat? Maybe the rumors were right, and Jenner does in fact wants to become a "man made woman" reducing the size of his Adams apple, would be the first step to take in doing so. Jenner, now 65-years-old, can be spotted combing the bright sunny streets of California, with his long flowing hair, gobbling down a ripe banana. Bruce, for his 65th, birthday on Tuesday, in Malibu, went out and treated himself to a much needed manicure, with red being his color of choice. Hey there's nothing more a girl rather enjoys, then sitting in a salon shop, getting pampered. And allegedly, Jenner went even further, sources have stated that,he is now asking to be called Bridgette.
Alrighty then Bruce..
Hey Jenner, one quick question for you " are your daughters to call you Bridgette as well?" How confused will these young ladies be..ijs

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