Saturday, October 18, 2014

Did Former NFL, Minnesota Vikings,Hank Baskett Cheat On Kendra Wilkinson, With Transsexual, Ava Masaniai-Sabrina??!?!

With the tabloids floating around all this business surrounding Hanks, cheating not cheating, it's no wonder how all of this has left Former Playboy Bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, in a cloud of smoke and confusion. Hank is seriously being accused of cheating on Kendra, with Transsexual, Ava Masaniai-Sabrina, back in April. Hank, has yet to confirm or deny these allegations, leaving Wilkinson feeling like.. Just who the hell "did I marry" It's completely heart wrenching to see Kendra on such an emotional rollercoaster on her hit series, " Kendra On Top" Hank, has been dodging Wilkinson's question about the allegations, as if he were playing a game of dodge ball. Reportedly, Baskett reached out to transvestite Ava, back in April via her YouTube channel. Ava, claims that there was no sexual intercourse, however Hank did in fact pay her $500 for the intimate moment they shared, claiming that " he had never been with a Transsexual before" The people are curious to know Hank.. If there was no " Hanky Panky" involved, then why on Gods green earth was money exchanged? Kendra, posed a very good question to Baskett on the October. 17th episode of "Kendra On top" clearly wanting to know, if she was the only person who was supposed to believe in his innocence, and the answer was Cleary yes. Listen, Hank.. I could care less if you like being sucked or suckin on long pipe by men who dress up as women, Cleary that's a personal preference and by all means, the choice is yours. The problem begins when you start to partake in homosexual activities and neglect to tell the woman that you are married to, not giving her the option to pull out of the situation or stick it out with you. That's where things get difficult for Kendra, not to mention all the chaos this may cause for your children. Kendra, is looking for answers, and she wants them sooner then later or I can guarantee you.. You'll have alot more day's, where the public will see you balled up in fetal position, ballin' your eyes out.. Get to spitting the truth, or plain and simple.. Get out!! I can almost assure you, that's exactly what's going on in Wilkinson's mind. It's going to be interesting to see how this play's out..

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