Saturday, October 4, 2014

Artist Revelation, Reveals, Just What It Takes To Obtain The Success He's Now Achieved!!

Revelation stands front and center, just as he is here illustrated in the photo above. Climbing his way to the top and barring none while doing so. This energetic young man originates from "Annaiston'. Alabama other known as "Anna~dope" in which Revelation wanted the reader's to know.
Rev,started writing music as early as ten year's-of-age and then began to perform at the age of 11 , explaining to "Wellsink" that it was in fact, his brother, who had him open his eyes to a whole new way of performing.
Revelation has been givin' the people what they want to hear for over 17 years, drawing inspiration from names such as Outkast, The Dungeon Family, The Outlawz, and a Host of other artist that's major an independent.
Revelation, reveals nothing but realism's, with every lyric he spits out, and brings nothing but a sense of comfort and humbleness, when in his presence or in speaking with this young man.
One can quickly come to understand that the message Revelation brings to the people, is a profound one, and a message that can be felt as well as heard, in listening to his music.
Yes, my friends, Revelation is on the rise and making moves and fast like too, recently collaborating with "Carey Kelly", the brother of R. Kelly on the track "12 Rounds" in which "BET" and "MTV"will be featuring the video, in the near future.
Currently, Revelation is signed to "Makaveli Music Group/Wealth Nation/Universal Music Group/Island Def Jam/Def Jam/Slave Music Ent...
When asked how hard it was for him to break through those industry doors, Revelation had this to say " it was real hard breaking through. I had to perform at a lot of talent shows, I had to do a lot of networking, going out to different clubs and events, See, you have to realize that I began performing at the the age of 10, and I haven't looked back"
The work these artist put in may look easy, however nothing could be further from the truth, " I had to pay for thing's out of my own pocket, and I don't regret any of it.. it humbled me, it made me who I am today, and not just as a artist as a person as well" said Revelation
Wellsink, was curious to know Rev's intake on Hip~Hop today vs. Yesterday and he stated " everyone is talking about the same thing.. Real killa's don't talk about it, they be about it. And rich people don't have to talk about the money they have, because the rich people don't want anyone to know how much money they got anyways," said Revelation
Leave it to Rev, to kick the real around the block, for these lame niccas to bounce around..
During the conclusion of this interview, Revelation took the opportunity to thank God first, his family, friends and fans concluding with this last statement " Put all of your love ones in one basket, everyone must be equal and of one accordance if you want to succeed in life"
As in Rev's word's "Real spill!!"
With that being said, be on the look out for Revelation's Mix tape "Non-Believer's"
Pre-Sale begins 10/14/2014
In stores 10/28/2014
To find out where you can hear Revelation's music, please visit

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