Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wrapped Them Roots Round You!!

Lately, I've been feelin'.. Like seriously? WTF!! Like I'm jus..plum dumb.. Shid.. Outta luck.. Spinnin' ma wheels, and now I'm just stuck.. Wellll.. Breath in.. Let..that..shid..out! Thought process on dry.. Bish mind onna drout! Always on edge, is this what it's about? Ihateu.. Livin' ah lie, Nota truth, it's.. Up~$et~ting me. Can't believe what you hear, ELEVATE cha mind.. And let that be.. Your re~al~ity! Tired of being stepped on, in this in~dus~try.. But it's my passion, and I'm it's prisoner, it..won'! Tired of niccas, phuck ah fake friend.. I'm bout ta go BEAST!! Too real fa the games,.. Don't try to "P" Ke.. Seen the smokescreens.. You tried blowin over.. On me. How did this become a real live.. Nightmare, wit Freddie chasing me.. Scared to close my eyes, I might fall asleep, end up dead.. Stankin.. Like.. Phuckin..raw meat. I'm not soft nor fluffy, leave that fa the sheep, Ima wolf phuh nice.. I'll leave that fa the weak.. On ma name you bet not speak!! Imma vengeful bish, betta watch what chew eat! Good to bad, right to wrong, but don't nodcha head, cause this ain't no damn song! Been nice too long, always wore a peaceful face, phuck you.. Phuch you too bitch! " Can you keep up" in ma race!! Step back, step up, jus do whatchew gone do.. Just know.. Once I'm gone.. I've wrapped them roots.. Round you!!!😈

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