Monday, September 8, 2014

Ray Rice, Running Back Or Woman Beater Is The Question.. You Be The Judge?!?!

27-year-old Raymell Mourice Rice, and " Running Back" for the Baltimore Ravens, may be in more trouble then originally reported. Since TMZ released that very telling video of R.Rice, striking his then fiancee' so hard to the point of unconsciousness. Yet another, elevator video that has gone completely viral. You would think that this 3x NFL Top 100 player, would have enough sense to strictly keep his hands on the ball and not the likes of his wife's face, and to do anything different, could ultimately mean the end of his career. Rice has been arrested, which in turn, indicted for 3rd degree Aggravated Assault back in March of 2014, Where at that time, he was being accused of punching his then girlfriend unconscious. WTF!!! "And now your his wife?" Does anyone else feel that the now 'Wife" shouldn't pretend to be such the victim?? And that some of this problem lyes at her front door, for knowing the kind of man she said " I do to" and proceeding with the wedding.
Never will Wellsink ever condone any type of violence, however if you see those red flags.. That's the first indication to let you know, that at that next green light.. Your ass better go!! And fast like too!! One form of punishment could mean, deactivating Rice from every game, but don't be surprised, if Baltimore Ravens, removes Ray completely sources state.

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