Thursday, September 11, 2014

Phaedra Parks Husband From" Real Housewives Of Atlanta," Forces His Way In Home And Goes Ballistic On Phaedra!

TMZ reported Wednesday that Apollo Nida, in fact was on his way to report for his eight year bid for check fraud and money laundering. When all of a sudden Apollo had second thoughts, with that second thought being to pull up to the home that Parks and Nida share together. Forcing his way into the home, ranting and raving, allegedly because Parks refused to put money on his books or bring his children to visit him while he was incarcerated, asking Phaedra" What the f..k is the matter with you? Call the police. I dare you" Sources told TMZ that Apollo was demanding property and went upstairs and started bagging his shit!!And get this.. It was all caught on camera. Well damn Phaedra, looks like the Entertainment/Sports Lawyer, just may be in need of a Divorce Lawyer, however, the way thing's are in this day and age.. Eight years is a long time to be locked down.. Wellsink can betcha bottom dollar that this marriage was over within 8 seconds after getting wind Apollo had that stretch to do..Ijs.. Some women just don't play that. Good luck. Apollo and Phaedra!

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