Friday, September 12, 2014

NFL Running Back, Adrian Peterson Indicted In Felony Child Abuse Case

Peterson has been charged with injury to a child, causing the Montgomery County, Texas, Sheriffs Office to issue a warrant out for his arrest. No further details have been disclosed regarding what led up to the charge. Peterson's Attorney issued a statement saying that the " charged conduct involved a switch, in which he used to discipline his son, much like he had experienced while he was coming up as a child." Peterson will travel to Houston, Texas, it is at that time he will be posting bond as soon as it can be arranged. With all the killing's and so forth brought on by the hands of our youth today, these children need to be disciplined, then maybe we would see less disrespectful children, who hold morals and values about themselves. Take away the parents right to discipline a child and what you have left.. Is a world full of unruly children, that will ultimately one day turn into unruly adults.. Ijs

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