Monday, September 15, 2014

Kim Kardashian, Trades In, Sisters And Mother, To Began Her Own Empire With Kanye At Lease That's What Life&Style Magazine Feels..

Kim Kardashian, has always been the lease favorite of the Kardashian sisters, and after reading this, you may begin to feel the exact same way. Kim appears to be letting her marriage to Rap Star, Kayne West, go to her head, because get this, back on September. 2 in London, a presenter mistakenly forgot to add West to the end of Kardashian, and she allegedly got her panties balled up in a notch. But it doesn't end there, sources state that backstage, Kanye got so pissed, and threw a tantrum, claiming " Her name was wrong on the teleprompters, too!" Prior to Kim and West getting married, their claim to fame was to be the "Ultimate Power Couple" (wait a minute, I thought we left that job to Beyonce and Jay Z, some years ago now.. But okay) These two need a real life Ego check, because I for one, think's, Kim's head is getting bigger then her fake ass (fun intended) Shid has gotten so bad, even Kim's sister's and mother, are now claiming that they want nothing to do with Kim, feeling that Kim, is all about Kanye and Self. And doesn't care who's toes she has to step on in order to get what she wants. The Kardashian's feel that Kanye is too controlling towards their family, at times, often dictating to the family what to wear.. "It's always been known that Kim is the Money Maker of this family, but now.. She's doing whatever West tells her to do and slowly slipping away from the show, claims a second source. Kim..Kim..Kim, it's even been rumored that in a conference meeting, with a room full of people, you actually refused to let anyone make eye contact with you, unless you initiated it. You Done lost yo gotdamn mind!! And if I were siblings and mother, I'd have to let you hang yourself with your own rope!! First rule of thumb baby.. Family first, a man will "Cum and Go" ( something you should be very familiar with) but your family.. Your family are the ones who you'll go running home to, to pick up your scrambled pieces.. Ijs.. Something to think about.
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