Friday, September 26, 2014

Gritz GMG, From Twista's GMG Label, Digs Real Deep Off Into His Newly Released Track, "Push"

Gritz grew up on the rough streets of Chicago. Illinois, singing in the church choir. One would think that singing in the church choir, may have been what prepared him for the music industry today. Nothing could be further from the truth,Gritz stated to WRUR " I didn't realize that I could carry a tune, until the age of 16. Being featured on songs such as "Want me" and "Me and You" by B-Hype The Verbal, (also apart of Twista's camp" has surely given the people, especially the ladies.. Something to make love to. Gritz, brings all his sexy, to the newly, released, track "Push" Penetrating your ear lobe deep, with every melody he beats out. Gritz, has already captivated so many hearts, with his songbird of a voice, leaving women, ready to re-explore, what made them fall In love with the father of their children in the first place. Gritz summed this interview up with a bit of, word for the wise " Never give up, no matter how hard things get, when a opportunity presents itself.. Take it!! Place your mind on the longevity of things" and when asked, if he'd like to take this opportunity and S/O anyone, he stated, " Twista, for allowing him this great opportunity, His brother, Timothy Matthews, Demetrius Crawley, as well as Christopher.
Gritz GMG, went on to say.. "Stay tuned" for his Mixtape
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