Monday, September 15, 2014

Grip Aka Da BodyRocka, Sittin' On Dynamite,On The Verge Of Explosions!!

Grip originates from everywhere, when asked why from everywhere, he simply had this to say " Basically, I've lived everywhere, and I can go back to anywhere I've gone" Grip has been hitting the industry hard with his hits,since 2006, with his late father being his biggest inspiration, Advising Wellsink that his father had his own band, and he use to watch his father practice every night. " I got to see it live," said, Grip
The BodyRocka's passion for music began at a early age, when his mother had him playing the piano as well as the guitar.
Wellsink, had the pleasure of interviewing Grip back in March and was curious to know what he's had up his sleeves lately,
" I've been grinding and working hard on my mixtape, Explosions that just dropped on 9/11" which can be found on Datpiff.
The BodyRocka, has also been working on his EP "Sumthn Serious" in which his track "Doin Numbers" was just released. With all that's going on in Grips life, Wellsink found ourselves asking the Bodyrocka how, can we keep up with his dance contest that's currently going on, in which Grip states," all you gotta do, is make that ass pop to the song, can you keep up that can be downloaded on Reverberation." and submit your video to

With the BodyRocka's tracks "Can you keep up" and "Doin Numbers" making its way to Coast to Coast, Grip is sure to captivate the ladies with his riveting voice and is sure to keep the fellas head nodding.
Wellsink asked Grip, who can he see himself doing collaborations with and he named, names such as Trina, Dj Dirty Money and went on to say " basically, there are a host of names I'd like to collaborate
with in the very near future" said, Grip
It was Fight Night in Vegas and Wellsink, was near concluding the interview, when the BodyRocka, took that time to send a huge Shout Out to his family, his Manager, Keshia Wells, Krix, Dj Dirty Money, Tear Drop,WWUG Nu Guy Tone, my boi, Mr. Craz, my promoter, Sheena Parker, and all my fans and great support system, without that, none of this would be possible.
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