Thursday, September 18, 2014

Get Real Or Get Lost, Is What I Gotta Say To You, Phuckin' Wit Me. Ya Balls Ah Stay Blue🎶

Pssst.. Hey you, come here, lemme whisper some bullshit up in ya left ear.. I'm yo itch.. This ya pussi, baby is that whatcha wanna hear? Run ya bath water, fill ya belly.. Bring you ya beer.. Late night clubbin, groupie women.. Get the phuch outta here. I go from 0- see- damn 10 done already got here!! My name is Keshia Wells, I don't wallow in fear.. If I get too damn mad.. I might shed a tear.. That's ya first clue.. That dam-age is near. You got what you wanted.. My hearts cold as ice.. Hold up.. Wait a minute.. Don't bet on my love, You'll be rollin fake dice! A piece of this this p...y??? Not even ah slice.. I phucks wit grown men, who ain't Nathan nice.. Phucks wit long dough.. And don't nothin bling but ice.. Get real or get lost.. is whatta gotta say to you.. Phuckin wita chic like me.. Ya balls ah stay blue!!

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