Monday, September 29, 2014

Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa!! Say The Phuck It Isn't So!!

30-year-old, Rose and Wiz have officially called it quits, and their fans are whispering " say it isn't so" Rose and Khalifa, have been known for keeping their relationship as well as Sebastian, out of the publics eye, " maybe learning from their moguls, Beyonce and Jay Z" Nonetheless, the news has their fans in a up-roar, refusing to believe that the " Romeo and Juliet" of this Industry.. Time is up, and has officially clocked out of this job! Well damn, who next? Mariah and Nick Cannon?? Ohhh.. Wait a minute.. That's last weeks news.. Reportedly, insiders have informed Tmz, that Khalifa, moved out of the home that Amber, Wiz, and Sebastian share, reporting to sources that he " Just didn't want to be married to her anymore" Sources claim, Wiz moved out, weeks prior to Amber filing for divorce earlier this week. We here at Wellsink, hope to see this couple here.. Work it out, your fans, friends, family and peers are all wishing the best for the both of you.

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